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Application of Oil Damp Monitor in catering companies

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:120

Lampblack Monitor Application in Hospitality Industry

With the improvement of citizens\' living standards, people\'s consumption level is getting higher and the air pollution is getting heavier. As one of the main sources of pollution of the urban atmospheric environment, cooking vapor has gradually become a point of environmental pollution that the masses pay great attention to on a daily basis. Cooking fume in catering industry is one of the main sources of particulate matter in the atmospheric environment, which has the characteristics of large amount, large surface area and high dispersion. Controlling emissions is of great importance for protecting the atmospheric environment and reducing smog. However, due to the large number of catering companies, the wide distribution, the intermittent emissions, the lack of information and the difficult supervision, it is moredifficult to achieve regulatory effects with limited manpower. Considering the current large and complex cooking vapor emissions of catering enterprises, the assumptions, characteristics and measurement errors of existing cooking vapor emission detection methods and instruments, as well as the development trend of online cooking vapor emission monitoring equipment. Based on years of data collection experience and deep knowledge of oil vapor monitoring system, Zhiyi Era has finally developed a brand new online oil vapor monitor after a large number of experiments and tests. The product uses new technology to monitor and report the data of oil vapor concentration, particulate concentration, temperature and humidity, non-methane total hydrocarbons and other data in real time, providing real and effective oil vapor data for the Environmental Protection Bureau, so to really achieve the goal of oil vapor online monitoring.

In order to realize intelligent monitoring, it is equipped with a front-end hardware product oil vapor online monitor and a software platform developed by professional and technical personnel - catering oil vapor monitoring cloud platform to collect oil vapor for catering . Process equipment operation status and oil vapor emission concentration data, and automatically provide early warning to enterprises with excessive emissions and abnormal emissions. The regulatory department can deal with it quickly and urge the catering companies to correct the equipment and clean and maintain it regularly, so as to achieve the goal of emission reduction, environmental protection and pollution-free.

Monitoring equipment: oil vapor online monitor (including oil vapor detection module) and oil vapor monitor host. The oil vapor concentration detector monitors the oil vapor content in realtime and connects to the oil vapor monitoring host through the RS485 bus; collects the data from the oil vapor concentration detector in real time and uploads the data to the monitoring center through the transmission network.

Transmission network: According to the on-site detection of oil vapor monitoring equipment, use CDMA/GPRS/2G wireless communication to access the management platform.

Monitoring Center: The platform software mainly performs the functions of data collection, management, queries, statistics and reports. It is convenient for relevant departments of the Environmental Protection Bureau to monitor and correct in real time, so as to achieve the goal of reducing oil vapor pollution.