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Is your industry the most promising industry in China in the future?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:22

Which industries and professions will remain strong in the coming years in the tide? most promising industries in the future? Let\'s take a look at the most promising industries in China that the editor below brought to you. Maybe there is something you need.

The most promising industry in the future 1. Robot industry

The competitiveness of domestic industrial robot companies is relatively weak, and the domestic market share is very low. In 2012, sales of robots in China by Japan\'s FANUC, Germany\'s KUKA and other companies have increased by more than 100%, and many robot manufacturers who do not yet have factories in Chinaare also planning to expand their presence in China. However, domestic industrial robot production enterprises are relatively weak and their turnover is not high. Among them, established companies such as Shenyang Xinsong have developed relatively well and have certain comparative advantages. Industrial robots are mainly composed of four main components. At present, the industrial robot we are talking about is an automation equipment that integrates multidisciplinary technologies such as machinery, electronics, control, computer, sensor and artificial intelligence. It is composed of precision reducers, servo motors, control systems and the main body.

From the present point of view, the robot-related enterprises in my country have achieved certain achievements in R&D and production of There is however, there is still a certain gap between brands from Japan, Europe and other countries,and the distribution is not high. In addition, the industrial robot parts industry does not directly benefit from the benefits of the robot industry policy, but the downstream includes many application areas. As the market demand continues to increase, it will encourage the upstream industry to break out in scale.

The most promising industry in the future 2, the financial sector

The financial industry is a traditional industry, but also a developing industry in our country, are closely linked to our lives. First of all, all people in all walks of life and in all sectors need financing. Regardless of long-term or short-term financing needs, domestic or foreign money needs, immediate or long-term financing needs, the financial sector can meet these needs. . In addition, with the openinggrowth of China\'s financial sector, the entry of foreign banks and the reform of the domestic financial mechanism, private financial institutions and insurance institutions are also increasing. The financial sector has good development prospects in my country. The \"world\" of futures is changing, the \"world\" of futures will also change, and the talents needed by the \"jianghu\" will change even more. In the era of financial futures, the requirements and attractiveness of talents have increased dramatically, such as the recent large-scale recruitment of futures companies. To prepare for the continued launch of new futures business, futures companies have taken precautions and launched a campaign to recruit, reserve and train talent. It can be argued that the talent and development strategies of futures companies are undergoing major changes.

With China\'s financial market going international in recent years, there is an urgent need for highly professional talents. The demand for employed talents with a master\'s degree in finance is mainly concentrated in the market, such as university teachers and market research and analysis of large companies, fund managers, asset managers, securities companies, insurance companies, trust and investment companies, etc. At present, there is a great demand for financial talent in the domestic financial market, especially the urgent shortage of financial analysts , financial engineers, asset managers, fund managers, actuaries, vice president level executives, audit supervisors, product developers, backstage personnel (experienced in finance, settlement, tax) and other nine categories of talent.

The most promising industry in the future 3.Agriculture

China is a major agricultural country in the world, but it is also a relatively backward agricultural country. In recent years, the backlog of China\'s agricultural development has also attracted the active attention of the country, and more support has been invested in policies, funds and technologies for farmers.

At present, most places in China are still intensively cultivated smallholders, especially in some underdeveloped areas. However, with the thorough development of the market economy, especially after China\'s accession to the WTO, this model has become increasingly unable to adapt to the fierce market competition due to the lack of flexibility and low efficiency, and its operation is difficult become . This requires agricultural management strategies to take into account the overall situation, a reasonable productionsformulate structure and be able to timely change the variety and amount of production in accordance with market changes, to withstand the ups and downs of the market. However, in the small-scale farming economy, operators often focus only on immediate interests and decide what to produce according to current market conditions, and the products are very simple and the structure is very unreasonable.

To summarize the reasons, I think that farmers\' income cannot meet the needs of farmers. In other words, agriculture produces less profit. People in the industry have thought a lot about this problem, so many farmers think about innovation, reform and how to improve the benefits for farmers. In general, China\'s agriculture is still very strong and developing rapidly, but there are still many shortcomings, and there is also a lot of spacefor development, which depends on the efforts of future generations of talents.

The most promising industry in the future 4. Environmental protection industry

Environmental protection industry is a new industry; it is to carry out environmental protection work; to achieve sustainable development of technical support and material base; to improve the quality of the environment, protect people\'s health and It is an important means to build a prosperous society in a comprehensive way; it is a new growth point in the expansion of domestic demand, absorption of working people and national economic development; it is an emerging industry in contemporary times.

Environmental services are part of the environmental protection industrywhich started relatively late but developed relatively quickly, including environmental technology services, environmental advisory services, pollution plant operation management services, environmental trade and financial services, functional environmental services, etc. The revenue of environmental services in 2000 was 12.86 billion yuan. The environmental services industry abroad is relatively developed; revenue accounts for about 30-40% of the total income of the environmental protection industry. Therefore, the environmental services industry in my country still has a lot of room for development. Environmental protection is a long-term career, but in the stage of economic development; some areas, especially economically underdeveloped areas, tend to pursue temporary economic benefits at the expense of the environment and ignore environmental protection.

In short, there are many cities with severe milieu pollution that exceeds the standard in our country, which is also why there is a lot of attention for this aspect. With the rapid development of the economy, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and our country has a great demand for talents in this field, which also means that more and more people will devote themselves to the industry of environmental protection. In the past 30 years, my country\'s environmental protection industry has developed to a certain extent and gained a lot of experience and experience. In order to meet the needs of national economy development and environmental protection development, we still have a lot of work to do to build our beautiful home together and promote the vigorous development of our economy.

The Most Promising Industry in the Future 5. Medical Services

At the end of 2015, there were more than 80 companiesjven that switched from other industries to the pharmaceutical and biologics industries, including the largest number of companies that switched to medical services ; The continued release of the medical services industry will continue to be fermented by the funds. ) The further intensification of the aging population and the liberalization of the second child policy have led to new growth in the market for medical services. The medical services market in my country will maintain rapid growth of over 15% over the next five years. With the improvement of income level, wealth accumulation and people\'s health. The change of concept will continue to promote the development of medical consumption demand in a multi-level diversified direction. Since the start of the new medical reform, governments at all levels have increased investment in medical facility construction and equipment updates, iCombined with the steady increase in the number of medical services in China, China\'s medical device market has entered an era of rapid development. Fundamentally solving the problem of relying on drugs to support medical care will inevitably increase the price of medical services. Strong demand and favorable policies will promote the rapid growth of the medical services industry, and mobile medical care will stimulate the development of medical services and related services. segments of medical devices.

With the sustained and rapid economic growth of our country and the improvement of the living standard of the inhabitants, the demand for health. also increasing The bigger it is, the more aging the population, the upgrading of drugs and methods of diagnosis and treatment will bring about the endogenous growth of the pharmaceutical industrygrowth, the increase of financial investment, the upgrading of consumption and the transfer of industries will accelerate my country\'s pharmaceutical industry. China\'s medical status has made great progress, mainly due to the reform of China\'s medical system, especially the central government\'s emphasis on people\'s livelihood, which has stimulated the development of the medical industry, and it will continue to get better in the future.

The most promising industry in the future 6. Transportation

The transportation industry refers to the social production sector in the national economy that specializes in the transportation of goods and passengers, including railways, highways, waterborne transportation, aviation and other transportation sectors. It is an important part of the national economy, an mmeans to ensure people\'s contacts in politics, economy, culture, military, etc., and an important link between production and consumption. Therefore, the transport sector plays a very important role in all aspects of modern society.

In modern society, the level of transportation development has become an important symbol of a country\'s level of development and human civilization. It is one of the important basic structures of the social economy, the lifeblood of the national economy, and the basic needs and conditions for economic development. At the same time, transport promotes the development of modern industry, is responsible for the circulation of social products, and plays a role that should not be underestimated in the construction and defense of national defense. Its development affects all aspects of social production, circulation, distribution and consumptionoption, and plays an important role in people\'s lives, politics and the construction of national defense, as well as international economic development and cooperation. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people\'s living standards, more and more people have bought cars, which has also led to traffic jams, various car accidents and other factors, so transportation has also played a major role. In the future, I believe that the transport industry will develop better.

The most promising industry in the future 7. New energy industry

Statistics show that in 2014 the world\'s proven reserves of coal, oil and natural gas can only be used for 110 years, 53 years and 54 years respectively. In addition, fossil energy consumption emits 32 billion tons of carbon dioxide, 120 million tons of sulfur dioxide and100 million tons of nitrogen oxides, causing serious environmental pollution and climate change. Compared to fossil energy, the stocks of clean energy are amply available. According to statistics, the world\'s water energy resources are more than 10 billion kilowatts, onshore wind energy resources are more than 1 trillion kilowatts, and solar energy resources are more than 100 trillion kilowatts. Only 0.05% of that can be developed to meet the energy needs of human society in the future. . The above data shows that the traditional way of energy development is not sustainable and that the replacement of fossil energy with clean energy will be the general trend.

The new energy industry is an important basis for measuring the level of high-tech development of a country and region, and it is also the basis for a new round of international competition Strategice commanding heights, the developed countries of the world

and regions all considered the development of new energy as the key to meet the trend of science and technology and promote the adjustment of the industrial structure movement. The development of a new energy industry in our country is going very fast. Policy support and technological advancement are key drivers for the rapid development of our new energy industry in the future. Stimulate clean energy generation to participate in the market and strengthen grid-connected solar power generation services. Stimulate the construction of roofs for large public buildings, public facilities and business parksDistributed photovoltaic energy generation. Many new energy sources are still being developed, such as biomass energy, geothermal energy, shale gas, ocean energy, hydrogenenergy, etc. Therefore, the country needs many talents in this field to promote the sustainable development of the economy. New energy technologies are state-of-the-art today and will certainly continue to develop in the future.

The most promising industry in the future 8, tourism

China has a vast area and, at the same time, a deep cultural heritage built through five thousand years of civilization, and has excellent resources for natural and cultural tourism. By the end of 2012, the number of domestic tourist attractions in China had reached 6,042; China\'s rich natural and cultural tourism resources can provide domestic and foreign tourists with tourist attractions of various shapes and diverse connotations, coupled with the profound development of future scenice places. The shift from the ticket economy to the creation of leisure and holiday destinations will attract more tourists or spend more at tourist destinations.

In 2013, the transaction size of China\'s online travel market was 218.12 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27 .7%, and the online travel penetration rate was 7.7%. The growth of the online travel market mainly depends on businesses such as online, hotel and vacation, especially affected by the rapid rise of online vacation travel, the hotel and vacation industry ushered in a period of explosive growth; the emergence of new businesses such as online short term rental, online car rental and taxi calling It also brings new growth points to the online travel market. In 2014, China\'s online travel market continued to grow rapidly. In the first three quarters, the transaction size was 58.20 billion yuan, 63.04 billion yuan and 72.64 million respectivelyard yuan, with annual growth rates of 20.6%, 20.2% and 20.0% respectively.

Driven by factors such as the upgrading of national consumption, the continuous improvement of tourism infrastructure construction and the support of policy and information technology, my country\'s tourism The industry has entered a golden era of development with broad prospects.

The Most Promising Industry in the Future 9. Education and Training Industry

the education and training industry in my country mainly shows four major development trends:

1. The brand pattern of China\'s education and training industry will gradually take shape, each will continue to grow and develop in its own field,and promote the standardized and professional business model throughout the country It will be the future development pattern of China\'s education and training industry;

Second, as international education groups continue to enter the Chinese education market, China\'s educational institutions will also move to the international stage. We not only need an advanced education model, but also use local advantages to develop domestic education products and strive to improve international competitiveness.

3. The extracurricular tutoring market for primary and secondary schools will be a market segment *investors will target. According to the survey, 73% of high school and high school students across the country will choose to use extracurricular tutoring to overcome the lack of school education.wise to compensate. The survey shows that 1/3 of parents are willing to spend tens of thousands of yuan for extracurricular tutoring for their children, and the extracurricular tutoring market in primary and secondary schools has great development potential.

Fourth, the early childhood education market has great potential for development. In recent years, China\'s education and training market has received extensive attention from investors , and the market space for China\'s education and training field is huge. Statistics show that China\'s education spending has surpassed other living expenses to become the second largest daily expenditure after food.

From the report It\'s not hard to see that while the education and training industry understands the impact of online education and needs to know how toBreaking through the point, it is a trend to usher in a major development after the breakthrough. National chain education and training brand institutions are forming, the industry is gradually maturing, and the demand for talents is also increasing. It is greater and the prospects are incredible.

The Most Promising Industry in the Future 10. Internet Service Industry

With the rapid development of the Internet, large companies have constantly improved their understanding of the important procedures of network marketing, and the employment prospects of network marketing engineers are bright. Network marketing engineer is a new type of profession that has expanded after the emergence of the Internet industry in recent years. With the rapid development of Internet information technology, the influence of network promotion and marketing has gradually increased. Network marketingengineers have a bright future. People who are good at seizing opportunities. To become a successful person who makes people promise.. The changes that the internet has brought to the entire Chinese economic model are affecting all aspects of society. The internet has changed China profoundly, and that change continues. Businesses such as online advertising, search engines, e-commerce and online payments are gradually being accepted by people. Large Internet companies have penetrated into these areas from their core areas, form an orderly competition and promote the healthy development of Internet industry. Third, China\'s network infrastructure construction, 3G Internet development and national policy support plan have created a very good prospect for the entire Internet industry.