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Analysis of the wiring harness system under the new EE electrical architecture of intelligent automobiles

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:21

With the reshaping of technology driven industries and the continuous influx of new generations and emerging new trends, the automotive industry and the extension and extension of automobiles as consumer goods are undergoing tremendous and profound changes. The 2021 Shanghai Auto Show will once again confirm that the automotive industry will become a strong engine driving global economic recovery, and a dynamic Chinese market is bursting with a continuous stream of development momentum. The theme of the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show is "Embracing Change". Faced with the rapid development of electrification, intelligence, and networking in automobiles, the design strategy of automotive wiring harness systems is low-carbon, energy-saving, lightweight, and intelligent integration. Mand Electric Systems has simultaneously launched new FPC flexible flat wiring harnesses, FPC flexible flat fuse boxes, and LDS laser engraving wiring harnesses.

Reduce the load on the vehicle and flatten the flexible wiring harness

Mand Electric System has launched flexible flat wire harnesses with the characteristics of small volume, light weight, and soft structure, which are suitable for wiring harnesses in narrow spaces, such as car roofs, doors, lights, and other areas. A car uses FPC flexible flat wire harness instead of traditional wire harness, which reduces the overall weight of the wire harness by about 50% and the volume by about 60%; In addition, integrating electronic modules, switches, and FPC wiring harnesses can reduce the use of connectors and accessories and lower costs. So the application of FPC wiring harnesses can better optimize space, reduce energy consumption, and achieve green vehicle travel.

FPC flexible flat fuse box with multiple forms of variation

To address the challenges of large volume, high weight, and complex space assembly in current fuse boxes, with the aim of improving assembly comfort. Mand Electric System has launched an intelligent FPC flexible flat fuse box, which can be applied to floors, doors, trunk, and other narrow and irregular spaces. Under the new electrical architecture, the FPC flexible flat fuse box is integrated with the domain controller to achieve distributed power supply and flexible application; The main body of the fuse box adopts a customized FPC soft board, and the shape of the shell changes with the assembly space, providing customers with application solutions for fuse boxes in irregular and narrow spaces, in line with the trend of future miniaturization applications.

LDS laser engraving wire harness capable of "flying eaves and walls"

LDS laser engraving wire harness adopts laser technology to route wires on the interior panel or plastic shell surface, with a wiring space of 0, solving the difficulty of wiring harness layout in narrow areas. Flexible wiring can be integrated with interior panels, protective panels, and other component shells, as well as electronic components such as LED particles. As a cutting-edge technology development for miniaturization and lightweighting of wire harnesses, its application can help customers solve wiring problems in complex environments.