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Analysis of textile abrasion test method

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-02 Click:151

In the interior fabric industry, there are 2 different test methods commonly used to measure a fabric's ability to resist wear and tear. One is called Martin and the other is called Valspar. Below are some practical guidelines for interpreting the numbers produced by these types of wear tests.
As an aside, in North America abrasion results have become a competitive number, the more cycles the fabric endures without noticeable abrasion, the more invincible it is. In fact, any amount above that attention is meaningless in the real world.


Martin (ASTM d4966)
Abrasion Test is an international standard that is widely accepted worldwide as a reliable way to determine the abrasion resistance and pilling of a fabric. Rapid development of fabric tests for fabrics and fabrics. Martindale is a trial par excellence for Europe and Asia. International Wool Secretariat and International Committee of the InternationalCotton Association. It is also a recognized law (Association Contract Textile) and DFA (Association Decoration).
Although designers in North America are less familiar with the Martindale test, it is increasingly accepted as a reliable test. Martindale is considered by many to be a more accurate measurement for real life use. Figure 8. Friction improvement on a flat piece of fabric with a piece of worsted yarn as abrasive. The number of cycles, the number of times the substance can withstand unwanted changes previously shown in appearance.


Valspar (ASTM d4157)
The Valspar wear test is mainly used in North America. The test was originally intended to determine how well car tires would wear on the road surface. This abrasion test method is adapted to test all types of materials for abrasion. In its various iterations, the test can be used to test clothing textiles, leather, upholstery fabrics, car tires and floor coverings.to test.
While the Valspar is considered a rigorous test, it does not necessarily measure real-life conditions. The fabric to be tested is stretched over the frame and then frayed in the warp direction with a piece of #10 cotton canvas. The second sample of the fabric wears in the fill direction. Number of cycles before 2 yarn breaks or significant wear occurs.
15,000 Valspar cycles = general commercial use
30,000 Valspar cycles = heavy commercial use
Textile prides itself on our high wear rates of our fabrics. View modal pages for individual wear ratings.
Note: This wear test data is for commercial applications. For residential installations, the numbers may be lower coating performance or overall fabric durability. Common sense becomes an important factor.