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American Standard Shrinkage Washing Machine Consumables

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:76

The American Standard Shrinkage Washing Machine is a shrinkage testing machine used by the American AATCC standard. This machine measures the shrinkage or stretching of textiles after one or more household washes, and can also perform various post-wash appearance tests. Evaluation, our company Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. can provide.

Complies with:

AATCC 88B, AATCC 88C, AATCC 124, AATCC 130, AATCC 135, AATCC 142, AATCC 143, AATCC 150, AATCC 159, AATCC 172, AATCC 179 , AATCC 188

Standard Consumables:

1. Grease pen;

2.993 standard washing powder;

3.993 (WOB) standard washing powder;

4. Standard dye powder;

5. Toss and wash the cloth.

Technical parameters:

1. Rotation form: shaking

2. Charging Size: Top loading

3. Laundry capacity: 15 kg/33 lbs

4. Maximum spin speed: 660 rpm

5. Laundry programs: 12 types

6. Temperature adjustment of water: 4 types (cold water-hot water-hot water-hot water)

7. Water level: 4 levels

8. Power supply: 230- 240V/ 50hz 13A socket

9. Size: 1067×686×648cm (H×W×D)

10. Weight: 54.5kg

Shanghai Fan As an enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, training and service, Biao Textile Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to continuously providing more test instruments to the market, providing long-term testing instruments for materials, weather aging, masks, etc. are more acceptable for non-standard customization, and targeted testing can be carried out according to customer requirements before purchase to ensure that the purchased instruments are suitable.