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Adhesive tape initial adhesive test method – ring method

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:137

The annular initial adhesive force of the tape is the annular tape material (adhesive) at a given speed. contact with a standard test plate of a specific area. This is one of the first tack evaluation indicators widely used in my country and in European and American countries.

According to GB/T 31125-2014 "Adhesive tape initial adhesion test method Ring method" Method A: Tensile test method, Hengpin supports users to customize "Ring Initial Adhesion Test Board" on request, with intelligent electronic tension testing machine or pharmaceutical packaging performance tester, the ring-shaped initial adhesive tape adhesion test nauquickly and accurately.

The user installs the stainless steel T-shaped annular test plate for first adhesion in the lower armature of the test machine, test the prepared ring-shaped adhesive tape with a width of 24 mm, the adhesive side facing out, and both ends fixed with masking tape. The tail of the sample is clamped on the upper armature. Start the tensile tester and the top clamp moves down at a speed of 300 mm/min so that the middle part of the sample ring covers the central area of ​​24 mm × 24 mm ofn Touches and holds the T-shaped test plate for more than 3s, and the top clamp moves up at the same speed.

The test result is the maximum pulling force required to release the specimen ring from the test plate. At the same time, the user should observe the failure mode of the adhesion between the sample ring and the test plate to analyze the defects of the adhesive tape preparation process.

In addition, Hengpin also supports the adjustment requirements of the relevant fixtures for the ring initial adhesion test of the test method.

According to practical experience, the ring adhesive test method has better test data repeatability and is more suitable for the adhesive test of automatic labeling machines materials. The inclined rolling ball method is superior because the test is simple and the price of the test instrument is low, which is conducive to the rapid and simple test in the production site and laboratory.