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Abrasion Detection of Textiles by Martindale Abrasion Tester

Author: Released in:2023-03-17 Click:18

Martindale Abrasion Tester is mainly used for testing the abrasion resistance and pilling degree of knitted fabrics, woolen fabrics, imitation leather, synthetic leather, wood-based panels, rubber products, etc. under various pressures. The principle of the instrument is: under a certain pressure, the circular sample is rubbed against the fabric of the same material according to the trajectory of the Lissajous figure, and after reaching the specified number of revolutions, the pilling level of the sample is evaluated.

The wear of textile products is mainly manifested in the following five aspects:
1. During the friction process, the fibers collide continuously, and the fiber fragments in the yarn break due to fatigue damage, resulting in yarn of the fracture.

2. The surface of the fiber is worn and the surface layer of the fiber is fragmented and lost.
3. Friction generates high temperatures, causingthe fiber melts or plastically deforms, which affects the structure and mechanical properties of the fiber.

4. The fibers are pulled out of the fabric, resulting in the loosening of the yarn and fabric structure, and the fibers can be fully pulled out under repeated action, resulting in thinner yarns, thinner fabrics, and even disintegration. 5. The fiber is cut and broken, resulting in the yarn breaking.
Abrasion is reflected in the morphological changes of the fabric, which are mainly damage, loss of quality, appearance discoloration, pilling and other changes.
There are many methods to test the abrasion resistance of textile products, such as surface grinding, curved grinding, hem grinding and composite grinding. The Martindale method is a kind of surface grinding method, which is widely used in the detection of wear resistance of clothing, home textiles, decorative fabrics and upholstery fabrics.