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45 degree combustion tester

Author: Released in:2024-03-18 Click:20

45 degree combustion tester

45 degree combustion tester

Compliant with standards: ASTM D1230, FTMS 191-5908, CFR 16 Part 1610, CALIF TB 117, NFPA 702, GB/T 14644

Applicable scope:

Used to test the combustion performance of textiles. This product is mainly used for flame retardant performance testing of textiles and clothing, and is appropriately graded based on its combustion performance to prevent the use of any hazardous textiles and clothing and reduce any life-threatening hazards; Its product testing scope mainly includes clothing textiles, toy fabrics, soft furniture fabrics, etc.

Product details:

This tester is suitable for textile fabrics. When the sample is tilted at a 45 ° angle and ignited, the time required to ignite the sample with flames upward for a certain distance is used as a measure to evaluate the intensity of combustion of the textile. The stainless steel test box is equipped with a glass observation window, which automatically timing from the start of sample combustion, accurate to 0.1 seconds. The ignition time can be freely set.

Technical parameters:

A. The stainless steel test box is equipped with a glass observation window;

B. 26 needle flame, flame length adjustable;

C. Automatic timing of combustion time and combustion rate, with an accuracy of 0.1 seconds;

D. The ignition time can be freely set, with automatic or manual flame impact tests of 1 second, 5 seconds, or 20 seconds;

E. Automatic or manual ignition device;

F. Equipped with standard customized bristle device and sample holder;

G. Provide standard stainless steel sample clips;

H. Equipped with standard flame calibration template - height scale 16mm;

I. By replacing different product clips, it can meet different standard requirements.

Accessories and consumables:

1. Brushing device

2. Burner (5 pieces/pack)

3. Sample holder (5 pieces/pack)