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2864516 Measuring and control temperature measurement transmitter for resistance thermometers

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:90

Measuring and controlling temperature measurement transmitters for resistance thermometers, thermocouples, resistance sensors and voltage sensors. For Pt100 resistance thermometers. Phoenix PHOENIX module power supply open protection short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, over current and other protections; voltage conversion, up and down conversion, AC and DC conversion, positive and negative conversion, single and multiple current cunversion; isolation, safety Isolation: strong and weak current isolation, IGBT isolation drive, over voltage isolation, lightning isolation; noise isolation: (analog circuit and digital circuit isolation, strong and weak signal isolation); ground loop elimination: remote signal transmission, distributed power system. Voltage stabilization, AC power supply, remote DC power supply, distributed power system, battery power supply; noise reduction: active filter, harmonic current.

The configuration of the product type temperature measurement transmitter uses the MCR-PI-CONF-WIN configuration software package


Electrical Characteristics

StrongStroke suppression 4 s step response (10-90%) < 2 s transmission error thermistor signal 0.2K product name power supply loop supply voltage range 10 VDC ... 35 VDC maximum current consumption < 3.5 mA


Enter data signal input temperature measurement configurable/programmable yes, programmable available sensor type (RTD) Pt 100; minimum measuring range 10K sensor type: -200 °C ... 850 °C (free adjustment) connection system 2, 3, 4 wires


output data

frequency: configurable/programmable no signal: current output configurable/programmable yes current output signal 4 mA ... 20 mA20 mA ... 4 mA Wire-break output current ≤3.6mA or ≥21mA (configurable) short-circuit output current ≤3.6mA or ≥21mA (configurable) output current range (overflow/underflow) ≤20.5mA / ≥3 .8mA (linear increase/decrease) output current limit ≤ 23 mA load/output load current output maximum (V supply-10V)/0.023A (current output)