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2023 Centrifugal Glass Wool Roll Mat Price/Price Status

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:33

2023 centrifugal glass wool roll mat price/price status Glass wool felt Volume weight: 10-72kg/m3

Thickness: 25-100 mm Length: 3m-20m Width: 1200mm In addition to the characteristics of thermal insulation, it also has excellent shock absorption and sound absorption properties, especially for medium and low frequency and various vibration noise, which is conducive to reducing noise pollution and improving of the work environment.
This material can also be cut arbitrarily according to the needs during construction. It is mainly used for shock absorption, sound absorption and noise reduction in the interior of buildings, noise reduction systems, vehicles, refrigeration equipment and household appliances. effect is very ideal.

Glass wool felt with aluminum foil veneer also has astrong heat radiation resistance.It is the cladding material for high temperature workshops, control rooms, machine room interior walls, compartments and flat roofs.
Glass wool belongs to a category of glass fibers and is a man-made inorganic fiber. Natural ores such as quartz sand, limestone, dolomite are used as main raw materials, and some chemical raw materials such as soda ash and borax are used to melt into glass. In the molten state, the blown type is thrown into flaky fine fibers using external force, and the fibers are intersected three-dimensionally and intertwined, revealing many small gaps. Such openings can be called cavities. Therefore, glass wool can be considered as a porous material with good heat-insulating and sound-absorbing properties.


Production process

This product Add glue to glass wool, heat and solidify the felt-like material, which has a lighter bulk density than the board and good resilience, cheap, easy construction.


1 , Used for high rises and refrigeration with high demands on fire prevention, heat insulation and sound absorption.

2. Retain heat and cold in engine rooms, vehicles, ships, etc.

Performance Indicators

Bulk density (kg/m3): 14, 16, 20, 24, 32, 48

Thermal conductivity: 0.037w/m.k

centrifugal glass Cotton is a fibrous material made of glass in a molten state that is fiberized and sprayed with thermosetting resin by centrifugal blowing process, then processed by thermal curing to make a series of products with multiple uses.It has many advantages such as flame retardant, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, small bulk density, low thermal conductivity, strong chemical stability, low moisture absorption, good hydrophobicity, etc. Wide range of uses.Sheets, felts and tubes made of this material are widely used in thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction in construction, chemical industry, electronics, electricity, metallurgy, energy, transportation and other fields, and the effect is very remarkable.

Due to its soft texture and fine fibers, centrifugal glass wool does not irritate the skin during construction, so it is very popular among construction units, has become a thermal insulation product.


Product Usage

Glass wool felt and sound-absorbing cotton felt are ideal sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials, Widely used for heat insulation of house walls and ship engine room; constant temperature of computer room and refrigerator; noise reduction of various generator rooms and pump rooms; audio cabinet, audio control, etc.


Sound absorption coefficient:

Glass wool felt, sound absorption When cotton felt is used as a sound absorbing materior a layer of air remains or a decorative material is glued to the surface. In the range of 100-150mm thickness of the air layer, the thicker the air layer, the higher the sound absorption rate in the middle and low range, such as air plus. When the thickness reaches 300mm, the range of effective sound absorption rate will expand to 100Hz.

Product use: Function: wall sound absorption , wall Body sound insulation, wall heat insulation, wall heat insulation.

The fibers in the centrifugal glass wool are fluffy and interwoven, and there are many small The pores are typical porous sound-absorbing materials with good sound-absorbing properties. Centrifugal glass wool can be made into wall panels, ceilings, room sound-absorbing bodies, etc., which can absorb a large amount of sound energy in the room.n and can shorten the reverberation time. Reduce indoor noise.