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Application field for iron sheet rock wool board insulation

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Application field of rock wool insulation constructions

rubber-plastic insulation board It is a type of closed cell insulation material, which is easy to install due to the flexibility of the rubber-plastic insulation board. The tubes can be assembled together after installation or cut lengthwise and taped with aluminum foil. For complex parts, such as valves, tees, elbows, etc., after cutting, the plates can be wrapped into various shapes and glued to ensure the airtightness of the whole system, thus improving the heat insulation of the whole system is guaranteed.


Rubber plastic insulation sheet can be widely used in air conditioning, construction, chemical industry, textile, metallurgy, shipbuilding, vehicles, all kindshot and cold medium pipes and containers in electrical appliances and other industries can achieve the effect of reducing cold loss and heat loss, and because of its simple structure, neat and beautiful appearance and no pollution, it is a new generation of high-quality heat insulation material.


Construction method of rubber and plastic insulation board:

1. Shake a container before use to make the glue even. For the actual installation, use a small can of glue to prevent it from evaporating too quickly. If necessary, pour the larger jar into the smaller jar and use without prior sealing.

2. Apply with a short and hardbrush a thin and even layer of adhesive on both ends of the material surface.

3. The natural drying time of special glue is 3-10 minutes, and the time depends on the glue quality, the weather temperature and humidity should generally follow: the higher the ambient temperature, the higher the relative humidity, and the lower the medium temperature; the larger the diameter, the longer the material is exposed.

4. Wait for the glue to dry naturally during use. The correct way to measure dryness is to touch the glued surface with your fingers. If it sticks to the surface of the material and the surface of the material is not tacky, it can be glued. Simply align the two surfaces of the adhesive interface and holdhold them tight for a while.

5. Usually every kilogram of special adhesive for rubber and plastic can be applied to two square meters of adhesive surface.

6. No need to wait for the glue to dry when you bond two materials under pressure, use the wet bonding method, first place the material at the installation position, apply glue to the interface of the material, then adjust the position of the two materials and soon it will be firmly bonded together according to the position you designed.


Rock wool iron plate thermal insulation constructionMode of operation of the whole process of tank thermal insulation construction

Process flow and characteristics of tank pipe insulation technique: 1. Tank insulation technique layer thickness layer used 50-150mm large pendulum technology rock wool and glass wool, aluminum silicate, composite silicate and other insulation materials, special requirements are laid down in two layers of staggered joints. The outer shell is made of galvanized iron sheet, aluminum sheet and colored steel sheet with thickness of 0.3-0.6mm.It is wrapped by concave-convex groove type edge press machine for heat preservation, and rolled into tube by non-slip rounding machine. It is suitable for the direction of water flow. Flat and even wrapping.

Building plan : 1) When a 300 mm fire resistant layer is greserved, a 50mm wide and 300mm high Baobao Phenolic Insulation Board can be used. The phenolic insulation board on the top is supported by the adhesive mortar and pasted on the fire insulation tape. 2) Apply thermal insulation mortar and thermal insulation layer at least 2-3 times, each time the thermal insulation slurry is 10-20mm, the construction thickness should be checked about 10mm, pay attention to compaction, the thickness of the final construction should be checked at about 10 mm, each time The interval between two constructions should be more than 24 hours. If the construction temperature is low, the interval can be extended. 3) The construction of thermal insulation mortar should be from top to bottom. 4) The thickness of the ash cake punching reinforcement should be achieved during the construction of the thermal insulation mortar layer of the last machine, and it should be rubbed flat with a large bar to let the flatness of the wall, door and windowcomply with the Caution when applying the thermal insulation mortar for compaction. 5) The prepared thermal insulation slurry should be used up within 4 hours, and the thermal insulation slurry scraped off by the large rod should be reused within 4 hours after stirring. It is strictly forbidden to use aged thermal insulation slurry. 6) After the insulation layer is cured and dried (the surface cannot be pressed by hand, about 2-3 days), the following process can be carried out. If the ambient temperature is low, the curing time should be extended.

Whole process method of tank insulation construction

Rock wool board insulation construction The purpose of tank insulation is generally to protect tank equipment from external high or low temperature environments. Therefore, the tank insulation according to these purposes divided into two categories: 1. High temperature insulation: this insulation project generally uses rock wool, glass wool and composite silicate and other fiber insulation materials, taking into account the high temperature environment, so the insulation material must have the characteristics of high temperature resistance.
2. Low Temperature Insulation: This type of insulation project uses closed cell insulation materials such as polyurethane, which not only has good insulation effect, but also absorbs water.
The inner layer is made of different materials, and the material of the outer layer should play a protective role, such as iron plate, aluminum plate, glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc.