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Zipper reciprocating pull testing machine

Author: Released in:2024-03-18 Click:13

Zipper reciprocating pull testing machine

Zipper reciprocating pull testing machine

Compliant with standards:

QB/T 2171/2172/2173, BS 3084, AS 2332, NF G91-005, JIS S3015, DIN 3419-1, SATRA TM50

Applicable scope:

The zipper reciprocating pull testing machine is used to test the load pull of the zipper, that is, to test the resistance of the zipper when pulled back and forth at a certain speed. The instrument tests whether the zipper can withstand the specified number of reciprocating pulling operations under horizontal and vertical tension. During the experiment, the machine drives the zipper pull at a constant speed, making 30 reciprocating movements per minute until the specified number of times.

Product details:

The instrument consists of a set of fixtures, a reciprocating transmission system, and a display system. The instrument shuts the sample back and forth 30 times/min, and the speed can also be customized (20 times/min, 25 times/min, 35 times/min, and 40 times/min). The instrument has a stroke of 75mm, and the test fixture has a lateral width of 25mm and a longitudinal width of 10mm. The clamping surface has a tooth shape angle of 60 °, and the total weight of the longitudinal clamping device is 0.28-0.34kg. The testing range is within 3.5-12mm for zipper specifications.

Instrument characteristics:

1. The counter adopts LCD display, continuously adjustable from 0 to 999999;

2. Adjust the zipper stroke according to different standards;

3. Automatically shut down and alarm for 10 seconds upon reaching the set number of times;

5. The zipper head fixture is specially designed with one set of each size, making it easy to use zipper heads of different specifications;

6. The positioning block ensures that the fixture for lateral pulling is clamped 10 ° to the lateral direction during initial clamping;

7. It has a jog adjustment function and a fine-tuning handwheel for easy adjustment of installation position;

8. The zipper clamp is made of stainless steel material.

Technical parameters:

1. Reciprocating stroke: 75mm;

2. Width of lateral clamping device: 25mm;

3. Distance between two clamping devices: 6.35mm;

4. Opening angle of the specimen: 60 °;

5. Mesh angle of the specimen: 30 °;

6. Total weight of longitudinal clamping device: 0.28-0.34kg;

7. Counter: LCD, 0~999999;

8. Volume: 54 x 33 x 66cm;

9. Power supply: 1 Å, AC220V, 3A;

10. External dimensions: 280 x 550 x 660mm (L x W x H);

11. Weight: Approximately 35kg.