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YG(B)523E Fabric Abrasion Tester Hot Sale

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:139

YG(B)523E Fabric *Abrasion Abrasion Tester Professional Sales and Technical Team

【Scope of Application】

YG (B) 523E Fabric Abrasion Abrasion Tester This tester can detect the abrasion of various fabrics, including clothing, shoes and industrial textile performance, flat grinding discoloration performance, surface anti-pilling performance .

【Related Standards】

AATCC 119, 120, ASTM D3514, 3885, 3886, JIS L1096, etc.

YG (B) 523E Fabric Anti-Abrasion Tester 【Technical Parameters】

1. Test stations: 4 groups

2 disc: diameter 63.5mm, width 15mm

3. Rotation speed: 200 ± 10 rpm (3.33 Hz ± 0.17 Hz)

4. Rotation angle: 90 ° ± 2 °

5. Compression speed: 152 ± 4 rpm (2.53 Hz ± 0.07 Hz)

6. Compression Stroke: 70mm

7. Distance from the inside side of the cylinder flange: Max. 180 mm ±3mm

8. Sample size: 220mm x 190mm, one piece in warp and weft

9. Sample seam size: cylindrical shape, length 190mm, inner diameter 64mm

10. Count: 0~999,999 times adjustable

11. Volume (WxDxH): 57x39x42cm

12. Weight (approx): ≈60Kg

13. Power Supply: 1∮AC 220V 50Hz 3A

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