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YG(B)522 Abrasion Testing Machine (TABER Instrument)

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-02 Click:157


YG(B)522 Abrasion Tester (TABER Abrasion Tester ) is used used to test the wear resistance of various textiles, and is also suitable for wear resistance testing of leather, carpet, rubber, plastic sheet and other materials.

【Related standard】

ISO5470-1 ASTM D3884, DIN53863.2

Type YG(B)522 Abrasion Testing Machine (TABER Abraser)【Technical Parameters】

1.1 Working wheel diameter: Ф115mm

1.2 Working wheel speed: 50--90r/min, optional speed ​regulation

1.3 Dimensions of the grinding wheel: diameter Ф50mm, thickness 13mm

1.4 Counting method: Electronic count 0~999999 times can be set arbitrarily, plus and minus two counting modes

1.5 Pressurization method: Rely on the pressure sleeve\'s own weight 250g or increase the weight combination

1.6 Weight:

Weight (1): 125g pair (balance weight)

Weight (2): 250g pair (weight)

Weight (3 ): 750 g pair (weight weight)

1.7 Maximum thickness of sample: 20 mm

1.8 Vacuum cleaner: Type A1-8237F with adjustable air volume

1.9 Maximum power consumption: 40 W

1.10 Power supply: voltage 220 V, frequency 50Hz

1.11 Device dimensions: 460×340×360 (L×W×H) mm (without vacuum cleaner)

1.12 Net weight: 30kg (excluding vacuum cleaner)