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YG(B)502 Cloth Pilling Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:131

YG(B)502 Fabric Pilling Tester Factory direct sale, clearance sale

【Scope of Application】

YG(B)502 Fabric Pilling Tester is used to test the pilling performance of various woven and woven fabrics.


【Related standards】

GB/T4802.1-1997, DIN 53863.2 etc.


【Test mode】

According to the specified method and experimental parameters, use a nylon brush or disposable abrasive to rub and fluff the fabric. Then, under the specified light conditions, compare the sample after pilling to assess the degree of pilling.


YG(B)502 Cloth Pilling Tester 【Technical Parameters】

1. Pilling trajectory: a circular trajectory with a diameter of 40mm Sport.

2. Adjustable brush: Use nylon brush with adjustable effective height.

3. PrTop pressure: The pressure of the chemical fiber fabric is 590 cN,

the pressure of the combed wool fabric is 780 cN,

the pressure of the carded wool fabric is 490 cN.

4. Sample specification: round shape with a diameter of 112.8 mm and an area of ​​100 square centimeters.

5. Selection of frequency: 1~9999 can be preset at will.

6. Sample reciprocation speed: 60 times/min

7. Power supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz

8. Motor: power 60 W, speed 2800 rpm

9. Dimensions: 540 (L) × 250 (W) × 345 (H) mm

10. Weight: about 38kg


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