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YG907D Hook Wire Rating Light Box is durable

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:137

YG907D type Snag Rating Light Box is supplied directly from the manufacturer, and the price advantage is obvious

【Scope of application 】

YG907D-Snagging Rating Light Box is used for all snagging test rating standards, and compares the samples and standard samples under the specified light source to get the rating results.

【Meets the standard】

GB/T 11047 etc.

【Product Features】

1. 12V 55W quartz halogen lamp is used as the standard light source, and the light cover adopts Finnel lens to parallel the light, make the light intensity stable and accurate.

2. The light tube has a long service life and the reflector uses optical glass to reflect light and reduce diffuse reflections.

3. It has beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient operation, and can provide stable and reliableprovide standard light source. It is a new type of standard lightbox with excellent value for money.

YG907D Hook Wire Rating Light Box [Technical Parameters]

1. Light source: quartz halogen lamp 12V 55W

2. Power supply: AC220V±10%

3. Dimensions: 435mm × 590mm × 445mm

4. Net weight: 12 kg