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YG517 Fabric Anti-Snagging Performance Tester (New Model)

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-02 Click:127

YG517 Fabric Anti-Snagging Performance Tester (Bead Pillow method)

【Applicable scope】

YG517 Fabric Anti-Snag Performance Tester (bead pillow method) This test The instrument is suitable for testing the anti-snag performance of knitted fabrics.

YG517 Anti-Snag Performance Tester for Fabric (Pillow Method) [Related Standards]

ASTM D5362, JIS L1058, M&S P21A

【Technical parameters】

Number of testing stations: 2 stations

Testing speed: 20±3 rpm

Testing cylinder: inner diameter Φ200mm, depth 145mm

Bead pillow: weight 450±10g/piece

Screw: outer diameter 8mm, length 127mm, 9 nails/stem

Nail: protruding length 10mm , pitch 12mm, angle to vertical: 30±5°

Sample size: 215x115mm

Count: 0-9999 times adjustable

Dimensions: 47 *38*38cm

Geweight: 40Kg

Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz 3A