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YG031D Bullet Burst Strength Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:124

Product introduction

Scope of application

YG031D Ball Bursting Strength Tester is used to test the breaking strength and expansion of cotton fabrics, elastic fabrics, stockings and gloves.

Meets the standard

GB/T 19976 Determination of the bursting strength of textiles by means of the steel ball method

FZ/ T 01030 , FZ/T 60019, ASTM D3787, ASTM D6796

Instrument Characteristics

1. Liquid crystal display, thin film panel, Chinese human-machine interface.

2. DC servo drive, can set a wide speed range.

3. Imported sensor, force measurement accuracy is above 0.2% FS.

4. Equipped with online interface, professionally developed material strength testing software, which can not only print and save test sample reports, butcan also provide test data for analyzing test results.

5. Customize the special breaking function according to customer needs.

Technical parameters

1. Principle of constant rate extension (CRE), microcomputer control, link communication support

2. Powerful Test Range: 2500N (1% to 100% of full scale)

3. Force measurement accuracy: ±0.2%F.S

4. Speed ​​range: 5—500 mm/min

5. Maximum pinball drop stroke: 120 mm

6. Luminaire diameter: 45mm (Φ25mm optional)

7. Shear pin diameter: 38mm ( Φ25mm optional or Φ20mm)

8. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 0.6KW

9. Dimensions: 500×500×1200mm

10. Weight: 100kg