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YG (B) 523E Fabric Abrasion Tester Brand New

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-02 Click:124

YG(B)523E fabric resists loops Instrument

【Scope of Application】

YG (B) 523E Fabric Abrasion Tester This tester can detect all types of fabrics, including clothing wear characteristics , shoes and technical textiles, the discoloration behavior during surface grinding and the anti-pilling behavior of the surface.

【Related Standards】

AATCC 119, 120, ASTM D3514, 3885, 3886, JIS L1096, etc.

YG (B) 523E Fabric Abrasion Tester 【Technical Parameters】

1. Test stations: 4 groups

2. Disk : diameter 63.5mm, width 15mm

3. Rotation speed: 200 ± 10 rpm (3.33 Hz ± 0.17 Hz)

4. Rotation angle: 90° ±2°

5. Compression speed: 152 ± 4 rpm (2.53 Hz ± 0.07 Hz)

6. Compression Stroke: 70mm

7. Round distance from inside of cylinder flange: Max. 180mm ± 3mm

8. Sample size: 220mm x 190mm, one piece in warp and weft

9. Sample seam size: cylindrical, length 190mm, inner diameter 64mm

10. Counting: 0~999 999 times adjustable

11. Volume (WxDxH): 57x39x42cm

12. Weight (approx): ≈60kg

13. Power supply: 1∮AC 220V 50Hz 3A