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Xuezhen type friction color fastness tester, friction head stroke and reciprocating speed

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:63

Xuezhen type rubbing color fastness tester is a testing equipment independently developed and produced by our company, Qisnun Precision Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. It offers high performance and comprehensive after-sales service. It is mainly used for the evaluation of rubbing color fastness of dyed fiber textile products and is judged to conform to Japanese JIS series standards.

Main parameters:

1. Curved test bench (Japanese standard: shape proposed by the Society for the Promotion of Science);

2. Number of specimens: 6 positions;

3. Table example: curved table, surface radius 200 mm;

4. Friction head shape: curved, surface radius 45mm;

5. Test load: 2N;

6. Friction head stroke: 100mm;

7. Alternating speed: 30 times/min;

8. Preset times: three levels:1 time to 9999 times, 10 times to 99990 times, 100 times to 999900 times.

Applicable standards:

JIS L0801-2004 General rules for color fastness testing methods;

JIS L0823, JIS L1006;

JIS L1084-2009 Test method for flocked fabrics;

JIS K6328-1999 Test method for coated fabrics of rubber;

JIS P8136 method for determining the abrasion resistance of cardboard;

JIS L0849-2004 Type II (Gakushin type) test method for fastness colors when rubbed.

Test steps:

1. Install the sample: Firstly, use the inner sample clamp to fix one end of the sample, then use the inner sample clamp to sample from the front side to fix the other. END. . To prevent the sample from loosening, tighten it slightly to secure it. When the specimen is a stretch specimen, double-sided adhesive tape may beused to fix it on the test bench. Additionally, since it will be difficult to install the sample when the sample table is stopped in the inside position, you can press the inching button at this time and then move it forward.

2. Install the white cotton cloth for friction: lift the friction head bracket and press it against the rear support rod. Spread a white cotton cloth on the friction surface (curved surface) and secure it with a square spring clip on top. Please note that there should be no wrinkles on the white cotton at this time.

3. Place the friction head holder on the sample table. Please confirm that the sample table is in position in front of your hand before placing the friction head holder. If it is not in the position in front of your hand, press the progress button to move it. Move to the front of yourUse your hand and install the friction head support.

4. Turn on the power switch and set the counter times.

5. Press the start button and the machine will start reciprocating and stop automatically when it reaches the set number of times. If you need to stop the test halfway, press the Stop button.

 6. Judge the test results: After the test, judge the white cotton cloth used for rubbing.according to JIS 0801 9 (Judgement of dye fastness). (Compared with the gray sample card used to evaluate coloring)

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