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Xenon lamp aging test equipment

Author:QINSUN Released in:2021-09 Click:610

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a wavelength of light invisible to the human eye that causes long-term damage to sun, paint, plastic and concrete finishes. Water, including rain and ocean water, can be tapped to finish and reduce them. Further environmental effects on aging can be created by testing products in UV, indoor, or other light frequencies under controlled conditions including water sprays to add further environmental impact.

The test material is made of panels that can be placed inside the aging test. References or standards are typically used without UV protective additives, which can be uncoated samples or plastics. This allows the reference to be compared to different coatings or treatments after a long period of simulated risk, to increase the test time, and can simulate years of outdoor exposure.

High-intensity light bulbs offer easy access to several types that can be used to simulate different light sources. Carbon arc lamps simulate sunlight, and xenon gas can be used for indoor and outdoor light frequencies. Metal halide lamps have been replaced with carbon arc aging testers since the late 20th century because carbon arc bulbs require regular maintenance to replace the carbon electrodes that the bulbs often wear.

Xenon lamp aging test equipment

Their simulation and enhancement mainly from the climate of light, temperature, rainfall, temperature or condensation of these factors of the test, fluorescent and xenon lamps can easily simulate the alternating test conditions of day, night, condensation or rain, xenon lamps simulate the solar spectrum is better, while the aging of fluorescent lamps is simulated sunlight ultraviolet spectrum, close to the accelerated aging effect of the device is more significant. For the carbon arc lamp test method, will gradually be eliminated.

Xenon lamp aging test is a comprehensive climate test equipment, in addition to weathering test, but also the high light fastness of the material test, that is, polymer materials exposed to the glass simulated by the fluorescence spectrum for artificial light reduction in the evaluation of material light performance.