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Wire and cable smoke density tester

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Wire and cable smoke density tester

Wire and cable smoke density tester

Product Introduction:

The wire and cable smoke density tester complies with GB/T17651.1-1998 and IEC61034-1-2:1997 "Measurement of smoke density of cables and optical cables under specific conditions of combustion". It is a testing device used to measure the transmittance of smoke emitted by all insulated metal conductor cables or optical cables used for transmitting electrical energy or signals when burned horizontally under specific conditions. (IEC61034 requires a smoke box size of 3m).

Applicable scope:

The national cable industry is vigorously developing low smoke and halogen-free cables and materials, which require measuring the smoke density of cables; The main principle of smoke density measurement is that in a specific space, cables or materials generate smoke under specific combustion or radiation conditions, and the beam of light will attenuate after passing through the smoke. The transmittance of the beam of light is measured and the specific optical density and smoke density are calculated. This tester can test the combustion smoke characteristics of cables or optical cables and provide reference for cable requirements in rescue facilities.

Reference standard:

(1) GB/T 17651.1 Measurement of Smoke Density of Electric or Optical Cables Burning under Specific Conditions - Part 1: Test Equipment; Part 2: Experimental Steps and Requirements

(2) GB/T 17651.2 Measurement of Smoke Density during Combustion of Cables or Optical Cables under Specific Conditions - Part 2: Experimental Procedures and Requirements

(3) IEC 60134 Rating system for electronic tubes and similar semiconductor devices

Product features:

Structural features:

The box is composed of a cubic shell with a length, width, and height of 3000mm ± 30mm. The internal material of the box is SUS 304 stainless steel, filled with calcium silicate fireproof material, and the external is made of iron material, which is sprayed with plastic;

All internal fixtures are made of stainless steel; Beautiful and corrosion-resistant;

The total area of the ventilation hole is 50cm2 ± 10cm2, and it remains open during the test; The height of the baffle is 1000mm;

Equip wire and cable test racks and hanging weights according to standard requirements.

The door of the test box comes with glass observation windows on opposite sides, installed with sealed transparent windows (minimum 100mm x 100mm), which can transmit light from the horizontal optical measurement system. 2150mm ± 100mm above ground level;

Phototubes and light sources are placed at the center of each window on two walls, without any physical contact

Smoke density testing system:

Light source: halogen lamp with clean crystal light bulb and tungsten wire; 2900K color temperature; Power 100W, DC12V, nominal luminous flux 2000lm~3000lm;

Smoke density test optical density measurement range: 0%~100%;

Support system for installing smoke density dedicated light sources and imported high-resolution photoelectric tube receivers on exterior walls

The laboratory is equipped with door and window sealing structures;

The standard power of the light source is 100W, and the standard voltage is DC 12V;

Optical path calibration system: 0-100% point calibration

Combustion source:

Ethanol 90% ± 1%; Methanol 4% ± 1%; Water 6% ± 1%;

Alcohol burning box:

The alcohol combustion box is 100mm ± 10mm above the ground;

Control system:

Computer control system, Labview specialized testing software; Artificial intelligence control interface; Good interface comfort;

Power regulator accuracy ± 0.01V;

The system automatically ignites and timing;

Experimental data is automatically stored and can be freely queried;

Timing reminder function;

Technical parameters:

Size: 3450 (W) x 3160 (D) x 3450 (H) mm

Workbench size: 600 (W) x 750 (D) x 1600 (H) mm

Power supply: AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 20A

Weight: 2500kg

Total area of ventilation holes: 50cm2 ± 10cm2

Instructions: Provided

Tools: computer, compressed gas, vacuum cleaner