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Wire and cable halogen acid testing device

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Wire and cable halogen acid testing device

Wire and cable halogen acid testing device

Product Introduction:

Wire and cable release gas acidity tester is a testing equipment used to test the acidity of gas released during combustion of materials on various components of cables or optical cables; The equipment is designed and produced according to GBT17650 and IEC60754; The equipment processes the cable material through a Pres pipeline furnace and determines the acidity of the gas generated during the combustion process of the cable material by measuring the pH value and conductivity of the released gas, including the gas volume, pH concentration, conductivity, etc. of the hydrogen halide acid.

Applicable scope:

This measuring instrument can measure the gas volume, pH concentration, conductivity, etc. of hydrogen halide acid through the thermal radiation emitted by the wires and cables in the tube furnace. In addition, the instrument can also be used to test the volume of halogens and polymers in gas.

IEC 60754-1 Ed.2.0 b: 1994 Test for gases released during cable combustion - Part 1: Determination of hydrogen halide gas content

IEC 60754-2 Ed.2.0 b: 1994 Test for gases emitted during cable combustion - Part 2: Determination of acidity of gases emitted during combustion of materials in cables by measuring pH and conductivity

GB/T 17650 Test method for gas release during combustion of materials taken from cables or optical cables

Product features:

Optimizing structural design, reasonable layout, and convenient operation;

All fixtures are made of stainless steel material;

The effective length of the tube furnace is equipped with an adjustable electric heating system;

Equipped with American imported thermocouples;

Electronic temperature control is used in the control room to intelligently control the temperature of the tubular furnace;

Equipped with 2 gas collection bottles;

Equipped with pH and conductivity testers, equipped with electronic displays and electrodes;

The airflow meter and all necessary silica fireproof pipes can prevent gas corrosion;

Activated carbon (air filtration): Filter the air source through a filter;

Silicone is used for drying air sources;

Pryer pipeline: Users can easily insert the sample into the Pryer furnace tube to protect the pipeline from damage;

Burning ship moving system: the motor automatically moves the burning ship device; Realize more intelligent experimentation;

Mode switching: Mode switching switch (two testing methods to choose from, IEC 60754-1&IEC 60754-2);

Temperature alarm controller: controls the temperature inside the furnace to prevent overheating;

Timer: Device for measuring time in IEC 60754-1&IEC 60754-2 tests;

Drawer: a box used to store accessories (such as conductivity meters, pH meters, etc.);

Temperature display: displays the core temperature of the thermocouple inside the furnace;

Permanent magnet stirrer: a stirrer used to stir and mix combustion gases in distilled water;

Conductivity meter: an instrument used to measure the conductivity of combustion gases.

Technical parameters:

Tube furnace: effective length 500-600mm, inner diameter 40-60mm

Burning boat dimensions: length 45-100mm, width 12-30mm, depth 2-10mm

Conductivity measurement device range: 0.01uS/mm-100uS/mm

Sample room size: 1 liter

Dimensions: 1500 (W) x 500 (D) x 600 (H) mm

Power supply: AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 15A

Weight: 60kg