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White body stiffness test bench

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White body stiffness test bench

White body stiffness test bench

The white body static stiffness test bench for automobiles is mainly used for testing the bending stiffness, torsional stiffness, door opening and window deformation of the white body of passenger cars (sedans, MPVs, SUVs, buses, etc.). Under experimental conditions, the torsional stiffness and bending stiffness of the body are assessed. Test the vehicle body under simulated working conditions according to the constraints and load conditions during use.

Reference standard:

Q/CAF01 0300 T-39-2008 "Rigidity Test Method for Vehicle Body Bending (Flexibility)"

Q/CAF01 0300 T-40-2008 "Torsional Rigidity Test Method for Vehicle Bodies"

Experimental items:

Static bending stiffness test of white body

Static torsional stiffness test of white body

Deformation test for car door openings and windshield openings

Experimental parameters:

1. Test bench axis bending large deflection: 0.01mm

2. Door frame sensor bracket: 4 short rods, length adjustment range: 0.7~1.2m, 10 long rods, length adjustment range: 1.2~1.8m

3. Body displacement sensor bracket, 30 pieces, height adjustment range: 0.8-1.0m

4. Displacement sensor measurement range: 0-10mm, accuracy: ± 0.1% FS, resolution: 0.002mm

5. Force sensor: 0-10kN; Accuracy: ± 0.2% FS, resolution: 10N

6. Loading speed: 0.001-1mm/s

7. Data collection channel: 64

8. Environmental temperature: 0-40 ℃

9. Relative humidity: ≤ 95%

10. Instrument power supply: AC380V ± 10%, 50Hz

Instrument composition:

1. Front suspension support of the vehicle body

2. Rear suspension support of the vehicle body

3. Servo loading unit

4. Torsion stiffness force application frame and bending stiffness force application rod system

5. Displacement sensor and force sensor acquisition system

6. Computer control system and control cabinet

7. Anti body fall safety protection frame

8. Manual loading device

Instrument features:

1. The test bench has horizontal and vertical adjustment functions;

2. The slider on the T-shaped platform guide rail can be adjusted from 0 to 400mm on the left and right respectively to meet the requirements of different vehicle widths;

3. The rear suspension mounting bracket can slide longitudinally along the T-shaped groove of the iron ground plate to meet the requirements of different wheelbase vehicle models;

4. The loading and testing process of the entire system is automated and intelligent, meeting the needs of different vehicle body inspections;

5. The test bench adopts an automatic data acquisition and processing system, which can quickly process data and automatically generate test related curves;

6. This test system adopts a minimum constraint system to ensure the release of vehicle deformation;

The terminal of the collection system adopts a moving point fixed surface contact method to effectively capture deformation, thereby obtaining high-quality test data and providing reliable collection data for analyzing the stiffness of the test vehicle body.