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When science fiction movies enter reality, is autonomous driving still far away

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:20

In recent years, autonomous driving has become a hot topic in the automotive industry. Because once autonomous driving can be fully implemented, the form, function, and positioning of the vehicle will undergo earth shattering changes. With the advancement of automotive intelligence and electronics, the multifunctionality and creativity of autonomous driving determine that it will become an inevitable trend in the future development of automobiles, regardless of any difficulties or obstacles.

As a leading provider of core unmanned driving technology and smart logistics products, Xingshen Intelligence has continuously strengthened the application of intelligent driving and unmanned delivery in practical business in recent years, providing various technological solutions such as smart campuses, smart parks, smart scenic spots, and smart factory areas to governments, universities, and customers, and helping partners achieve value creation.

Xingshen Intelligence, a team with over 30 years of research and engineering development experience in the field of autonomous driving, was founded on July 28, 2017 in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone. The company is based in the field of artificial intelligence and is committed to researching autonomous driving technology. It provides unmanned vehicle products, key components, and overall solutions to society, and is committed to creating a beautiful future of "autonomous driving+life".

Through years of accumulation in the field of autonomous driving, Xingshen Intelligence has honed its unique technological features. At present, we focus on the field of end logistics unmanned vehicles and have the ability to design a full stack from chassis, structure, hardware to software. On the hardware side, Xingshen Intelligent independently developed an intelligent driving computing platform based on a hybrid architecture, which improved the integration of the computing platform and reduced its power consumption; We have independently developed a machine vision system based on pre-processing, which can align with other sensors in time and space for deep fusion. On the software side, Xingshen Intelligence adopts a three-layer system architecture that does not rely on open source software, which has higher security; We have developed a high-precision navigation and positioning system that does not rely on GNSS, which can achieve high-precision navigation and positioning in various scenarios such as indoor, outdoor, underground parking lots, and elevated floors without any environmental modifications.

Xingshen's intelligent unmanned vehicle products have been commercialized and operated in multiple scenarios, creating smart logistics and achieving intelligent delivery. On campus, Xingshen Intelligence collaborates with universities such as Xiangtan University and Jianghan University to carry out unmanned delivery and new retail services; In the park, Xingshen Intelligence empowers short haul material transportation and unmanned mobile new retail in places such as Huawei Songshan Lake Research Institute and Suzhou High Speed Rail New City; In scenic areas, the unmanned retail vehicles deployed by Xingshen Intelligence in Wuhan Longling Mountain, Nanjing Garden Expo Park and other places provide mobile retail services for tourists to stop and scan the QR code for shopping; In the factory area, Xingshen Intelligent Logistics Operation Plan helps Foxconn build a digital factory logistics system.

Based on independent and controllable software and hardware technology, Xingshen Intelligence has successfully developed multiple L4 level unmanned vehicle products with fully independent intellectual property rights, suitable for various end logistics application scenarios, such as Super Shadow, Fanyu, Benxiao, Jedi, and Buyi. As of now, Xingshen Intelligence has collaborated with partners such as JD, Meituan, Huawei, Foxconn, China Post, and Lotte to commercialize unmanned vehicles in nearly 40 regions both domestically and internationally, and achieve large-scale and normalized operations. In the future, Xingshen Intelligence will continue to focus on the research of core technologies for autonomous driving, the expansion of landing scenarios in the end logistics field, and the innovation of end unmanned delivery models, continuously empowering the industry, helping to build smart end logistics, and continuously creating value for customers and partners.