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What to do if the Magnetic Flap Level Gauge fails

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:136

Magnetic flap level gauges often have failures in the actual application process, and the reasons for these failures are various, some are caused by the failure of a single component, and some are caused by the failure of several components at the same time. Generally speaking, there are several reasons. Below, the common faults and causes of the magnetic flap level gauge in the application process are analyzed as follows:

The display of the remote transmission is normal, but the control panel The display is abnormal

The reasons for this failure are usually as follows:

1. Impurities such as water or dust have entered the display panel. display, making it difficult to flip the panel.

2. There is a large distance between the buoy and the display board, and the driving force of the buoy\'s magnetic steel is insufficient, sothat the shutter does not turn over.

3. There are unreasonable design issues such as too small a gap between the flipper and the guide rail, which quich causes excessive friction, and the flipper does not flip.

4. The magnetic force of the magnetic steel in the flip is too weak or disappears, resulting in the phenomenon that the flip does not turn over or turns abnormally.

5. Due to the low ambient temperature, the float cannot move due to fluid freezing, and the flap cannot display the liquid level normally.

Remote transmission and magnetic flap do not move

This kind of failure phenomenon is usually caused by the abnormality of the float, which mainly has the following two manifestations:

Phenomenon 1. Due to the damage of the float, the indication on the display panel is incorrect

The reasons for the damage of the floatur in the magnetic flap liquid level gauge are generally as follows:

1. Due to the floating of the float, the resistor design is incorrect, causing it to sag and collapse. flatten when under pressure.

2. The solder is not penetrated or leaked, so that the solder cracks when the float is under pressure, and the float enters the water.

3. The float cannot be used normally due to demagnetization due to long-term use or high temperature use.

4. Because the magnetic steel of the float is loose, the float cannot work normally.

Local display is normal, but remote transmission is abnormal

Reason analysis:

Generally speaking, there are several reasons For this failure, the following are the most common Reasons:

1. The resistor is weakly soldered.

2. The pressure exceeds thenominal value, which damages the pressure switch.

3. The household glass tube reed switch is fragile, and the reed switch is short-circuited or open-circuited, resulting in abnormalities in the remote transmission.

4. When the temperature of the bracket is too high, the sheet metal will expand due to the heat, and the metal contact gap of the reed switch is small, so it is easy to appear in a closed state.