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What issues should you pay attention to when purchasing an American standard shrinkage dryer?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:114

American standard shrink rate dryers are usually used with American standard shrink rate washing machines, that is, they are usually purchased together as a complete set of equipment, so the issues that should be paid attention to when purchasing American standard shrinkage rate washing machines are also the same as American standard shrinkage rate washing machines. Things to consider when purchasing dryers with high shrinkage rates. Here is a breakdown of purchasing considerations for American standard pull-out washing machines.

1. Consider the functions you want to satisfy.

1. Cleanliness and wear rate. The drum washing machine simulates hand washing, with uniform cleaning performance, low wear rate, and clothes are not easy to tangle.ment; the cleaning performance of pulsator washing machine is 10% higher than that of drum washing machine, and naturally its wear rate is also 10%gher than that of drum washing machine. In terms of cleanliness, the cleaning rate of pulsator washing machines and drum washing machines is greater than 0.70, the wear rate of pulsator washing machines is less than 0.15%, and the wear rate wear of drum washing machines is less than 0.10%.

2. Energy consumption and water consumption. The washing power of a drum washing machine is usually around 200 watts. If the water temperature increases to 60 degrees Celsius, washing clothes generally takes more than 100 minutes and the power consumption is about 1.5 degrees. In comparison, the power of a pulsator washing machine is usually around 400 watts, and it only takes 40 minutes at most to wash thelaundry. In terms of water consumption, drum washing machines account for around 40-50% of pulsator washing machines.

3. Noise and breakdown rates. Generally, low noise washing machines are directly driven by permanent magnet DC brushless motors, which effectively prevents generation noise reduction, eliminates the noise caused by mechanical rotation of traditional washing machines, and can save 50% electricity compared to using AC motors. Generally speaking, the lower the noise and the longer the operating time, the better the quality of the washing machine.

4. Consider floor space and capacity. Generally speaking, top-loading drum washing machines take up the smallest area, around 0.24 square meters. Other drum washing machines occupy similar areas as washing machinespulsator. The capacity of pulsator washing machines is 2 kg to 6 kg and that of drum washing machines is 3 kg to 5 kg.

5. Choose based on habits and conditions. The choice of washing machine depends on your lifestyle and your family conditions. First determine which clothes you wash frequently and the cost of the washing machine. If you have a lot of wool and silk clothes, it is recommended to purchase a drum washing machine; If you mainly wash cotton clothes, it is recommended to choose a pulsator washing machine.

2. Comparison of manufacturers and choice of brands. When buying a washing machine in China, you must first check whether the product has passed 3C certification. It is best to buy a Whirlpool brand washing machine with general American standards abroad. When purchasing, you should check whether there is a production license, the name of thefactory, factory address, year, month and day of manufacture, product certificate, inspection personnel number, as well as drawings and instructions, after-sales credit card , the address of the repair station. And.

3. On-site inspection. Very expensive washing machines usually need to be inspected on site to check the appearance, housing process and functions of the product. Observe whether the paint on the entire machine body is smooth and shiny; whether the panes of doors and windows are transparent and clear; whether function selection and each button are flexible; whether the rubber strip of the door seal is elastic. If the elasticity is insufficient, water may flow through the door gap.

4. Overall consideration of cost performance. Profitability should holistically consider various factors, including product functions, lifespan, safter-sales service and other factors.

5. Choose products with good after-sales service. Products manufactured by professional washing machine manufacturers and popular in the market generally have a three-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. There should be a local maintenance service outlet that can provide free door-to-door installation and maintenance services. If the spare parts fail, they can be replaced immediately by the manufacturer and the product can be upgraded free of charge. Therefore, consumers should choose products with comprehensive after-sales service.

More details about the technical problems of American standard shrinkage dryers: http: //www.aatccwhirlpool. . om/newslist/list-8-1.html