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What is the interpretation principle of the online volatile organic compound monitor?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:111

Principle of online volatile organic compound monitor: The sample gas is irradiated by an ultraviolet lamp, and the organic matter is ionized into positive and negative ions. .

After being watched, the positive and negative ions recombine in the original gas. The PID is a non-destructive monitor: it does not \"burn\" or change the measured gas, and the gas monitored by P can still be collected for later measurement.

The online volatile organic compound monitoring instrument combines flue gas particulate dilution sampling technology and isokinetic sampling technology, after humidity and the temperature in the flue gases are reduced to a certain temperature, the particles are enriched automatically on the roll-shaped filter membrane;

Using highly integrated detectors and technology of analyzede multi-channel digital of the emitted light to detect the fluorescence intensity of heavy metal particles under the line of several shots, through the signal Intensity and volume conversion to calculate the concentration of heavy metals in the smoke particles.

Achieve automatic and continuous salt detection of dozens of heavy metals in flue gas, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, cerium and exhaust total.

VOC Online Monitor Features:

1. Range: 0.021000m (choose according to the actual situation);

2. Pre-treatment: The whole process of high-temperature pre-treatment is adopted, and the temperature from the probe to the analyzer is not lower than 120°C;

3. Control precision: All gas flow is controlled by electronic pressure controller (EPC), with high control precision and gas path.z stable;

4. Analysis period: short analysis period, 5min can complete total non-methane hydrocarbon, Detection and analysis of benzene, toluene and xylene;

5. Scope of application: explosion-proof areas, hazardous operating environments in explosion-proof areas are like.

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