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What are the specifications of the Taber Abrasion Tester معدات اختبار

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-12 Click:174


Product introduction 

The Taber Abrasion Tester mainly uses various types of friction wheels rotating on the sample to test the abrasion resistance of leather and plastic materials through rotary grinding. Select the default applicable weight set for testing material properties. Detect weight loss on the outer surface of the sample, such as obvious mechanical damage. What are the parameters? Listen to what Shanghai Qianshi has to say!


ASTM D3884, ASTM D1175, ASTM D1044, ASTM D4060, TAPPI T476, ISO 9352, ISO 5470-1, JIS K7204, JIS A1453, JIS K6902, JIS L1096, JIS K6964, DIN 52347, DIN 53109, DIN 53754, DIN 53799 and other standards

Scope of application:

Detection includes metal, paint, plate surface, coating material,textile, leather, rubber and other wear-resistant performance. Applications: Suitcases, carpets, cardboard, clothing, glass, plastic coatings, ceramic tiles, metal plates, paints, varnishes, decorative plates, high voltage plates, plastics, textiles, resilient floor mats, traffic paint, anodizing, blankets, electronic parts, decorative panels, waxes, labels, leather cases, dental materials, car interiors, resins, furniture, etc.

Experimental principle:

Generate "X" by the rotation of a pair of friction wheels. Equipped with a full set of auxiliary weights, sample holders, friction wheels, vacuum devices, membrane control keypads and electronic counters.


Test piece: outer diameter 108mm, inner diameter 8mm, 3mm(D)

Grinding wheel: diameter 2”(M*45mm)1/2”(W)

Grinding wheel center distance: 63.5 mm

Center distance tbetween grinding wheel and test wheel: 37~38mm

Rotation speed: 60/72 rpm

Weight: 250g, 500g , 1000g

Counter: LCD, 0~999,999

Volume: 530×320×310+vacuum cleaner

Weight: 18kg (without vacuum cleaner)

Power supply: 1φ, 220v/50HZ

Calculation formula wear index : wear loss weight/formula number of revolutions×100