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What are the performance characteristics of the taber wear tester? This is the case

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Product introduction

The taber abrasion tester uses a stepless speed change, which can meet the requirements of the abrasion tester for testing the abrasion resistance of various coatings. Such as deck paint, floor paint, road paint, etc. According to the user's requirements for different speeds, grinding wheels of different materials can be used according to different samples to be tested. It has the characteristics of simple operation and reliable performance.

Common abrasive gauges are single disc carriers and dual disc carriers. The carrier has a compact structure and good durability. The robust housing contains the control panel with several operating keys, an OLED (Light Emitting Diode) display and input keys. Abraser allows two identical or dissimilar materiabe tested separately or simultaneously for comparison. Dual sample trays double your productivity.

The performance characteristics of the taber abrasion tester are as follows:

1. Simulate the actual conditions of using,

2. You can set parameters such as moving distance, speed, revolutions, load, etc.

3 You can choose a variety of different sanding media and accessories: sample mounting table and other optional accessories,

4. It can cooperate in the determination of scratches and damage, alcohol resistance test, resistance Determination of coin scratches, etc.

5. To ensure the stability and accuracy of the test: the general grinding head has the size and shape of the eraser head on the end of a pencil. Made of high-quality wear-resistant materials, it can ensure the stability of the test, and the laser guides the placement of the test samples to ensure the accuracy of the test.

This product is intended to make two abrasive grinding wheels with a specified distance in contact with The sample sample is installed on the horizontal turntable and ensures that the central axis of the two grinding wheels and the center of the turntable axes are not in the same plane. When the turntable rotates, a grinding wheel on the left produces friction from the outside to the center of the sample surface, while a grinding wheel on the right produces friction from the center of the sample surface outwards.

The taber wear gauge is driven by a stepper motor, programmable control, and the LCD screen displays the working parameters and progress status of the instrument. Simple operation, reliable performance, flexible and convenient use.