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What are the market applications of quantum technology as it continues to advance?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:22

"When faced with difficulties, quantum mechanics" is a network meme that refers to using profound scientific theories to explain things that are difficult to explain. This also indicates that quantum mechanics is very representative in profound scientific theories, so this meme is also widely circulated.

The theory of quantum mechanics has been established to explain scientific phenomena that cannot be explained by classical mechanics and classical dynamics at that time. With the development of technology, the application scope of quantum mechanics is becoming increasingly widespread. It has great application prospects in fields such as sensing and metrology, quantum encrypted communication, quantum simulation, and quantum computing.

Quantum Technology Market and Impact

Quantum technology is ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives, and it exists in our phones, computers, and TV screens. What will be the future market for quantum technology? In what ways will it affect us?

The world is currently facing a second quantum revolution, and new quantum technologies are coming towards us, which will enable us to achieve rapid development in various fields. Currently, it is known that quantum technology can manipulate individual atoms, electrons, or other particles. Although manipulating individual atoms may seem simple, it has brought tremendous changes to the development of our technology. For example, constructing optical timers by capturing individual atoms and ions, manufacturing 3D cameras through photon counting, and so on.

Quantum technology has a wide range of applications in the market, including oil and gas, environment, data security, national defense, civil engineering, finance, and more. Its range of applications exceeds your imagination. Currently, some quantum technologies are already in the process of commercialization, marketization, or ongoing commercialization. Although quantum technology has not yet been widely applied on a large scale, we have already seen the dawn ahead.

Global Quantum Competition

In the past few years, governments around the world have continuously increased investment in quantum technology, hoping to seize the opportunity. The UK government began investing in quantum technology as early as 2013. Quantum computers have surpassed traditional computers in fields such as password cracking, communication, and new drug development, which has also attracted increasing attention from governments around the world. The United States, China, Japan and other countries have all started to make continuous efforts.

In May of this year, Google Inc. in the United States hoped to develop its first commercial quantum computer by 2029 and launched a quantum computer development plan. According to Science magazine, IBM announced in September last year that it will improve the fault tolerance of quantum computers and build a quantum computer containing 1000 qubits by 2023.

Japan is also not to be outdone in this competition. Fujitsu announced in April that it will collaborate with the Institute of Physics and Chemistry (RIKEN) to develop a quantum computer with 1000 qubits.

The research and development of quantum computers in various countries are intensifying, and what preparations has China made for this?

The Extension and Breakthrough of Quantum Technology in China

At present, China has surpassed the United States and is at the forefront of the world in developing quantum circuits with zero resistance superconductors to increase the number of qubits that can be operated. In June of this year, a Chinese research team successfully upgraded the "Zuchongzhi" superconducting quantum bit to 66 superconducting quantum bits, which can be completed in as little as 1.2 hours compared to a task that traditional computers can take 8 years to complete.

On July 6th, Qike Quantum held the "Quantum Empowerment · Extraordinary Journey" 2021 product launch event, launching a new generation of QKD dedicated optical chips, QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) devices, and distributed ion trap quantum computer engineering machines.

The research on quantum information technology in Chinese universities is also underway. Pan Jianwei and Zhang Jun from the University of Science and Technology of China, along with Professor Chu Tao from Zhejiang University, have collaborated to develop a real-time quantum random number generator by optimizing real-time post-processing and developing silicon-based photonic integrated chips.

China's rapid development in the field of technology has shocked the world, and the research and development of quantum technology has also laid the foundation for China's future development.