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What are the benefits of a facial recognition visitor system?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:24

In the past, people used to use handwritten registration for visitor management. Although the registration book was set up with comprehensive filling categories, visitors often perfunctorily went through the process for convenience. Additionally, the handwriting was sloppy, making it difficult to read and recognize later on. Even if some units require identification documents, it is easy to infiltrate the internal system with fake documents or borrowed identity documents from others. In addition, even if visitors are not a problem, it is difficult to know whether the interviewees of the enterprise are available and convenient to visit in the past. Many visitors come for nothing, not only wasting manpower and material resources, but also wasting their own time.

Facial recognition allows visitors to quickly scan second-generation ID cards and recognize them. The visitor's identity information will be displayed clearly on the system according to classification, and the real-time photography function also ensures the authenticity of the collected images. After collecting visitor information, induction cards or receipts will be issued, and visitors will enter to visit. Before leaving, their identity information will be cancelled again at the registration office, completing a complete visit.

Facial recognition visitors have been recognized by many public institutions for their efficient registration and simple operation. Utilizing facial recognition visitors to ensure internal security and manage entry and exit personnel has become the mainstream method nowadays.

Government agencies, enterprises and institutions, parks, office buildings and other places have always attached great importance to the safe and orderly operation of the office environment. In the current digital situation, how to strengthen security management, ensure the personal and property safety of staff, and adapt to paperless and automated office work under information technology conditions, as well as the long-term effective storage and real-time query of visitor information, to achieve digital management of visitor appointments, is an inevitable demand for facial recognition visitors.

One is the integrated verification system for personal identification, which scans the visitor's ID card to obtain real-time visitor information, confirm visitor identity, and prevent impersonation; The second is the access process management system, which mainly provides two access modes, namely, on-site access and official account booking in advance. The visitors provide the information of this visit through early registration or on-site registration, including: visitor information (name, ID card, contact information), respondent information (name, contact information), visit reason, visit time, etc., and support the classification of visitor types, Set different access permissions for different types of visitors.

From visitor registration to ID recognition, to information entry and subsequent management, the entire process is intelligent and automatic, without wasting any effort. Throughout this process, visitors only need to do two things: provide identification to the front desk during their first visit and let the camera see your face. In this way, when visiting again, you can freely enter and exit through the "Welcome..." prompt on the visitor machine.

Facial recognition visitors adopt the method of document registration, with OCR recognition technology embedded inside, which can distinguish the authenticity of documents while registering; In addition to ID card, visitor machines can also register by scanning driver's license, military officer's license, passport, Hong Kong and Macau residence permit, among other methods, which are more convenient.

At the same time, the camera linked to the passenger plane will automatically capture facial information for photo recognition and compare it with identification documents. If necessary, it can also be connected to the public security network to compare and identify all visitor information with suspicious individuals in the public security database, fully ensuring the security of visitor identity.

The interviewee verifies and approves according to different visitors, while the front desk receptionist guides visitors based on their access permissions. Facial recognition visitor management personnel can manage the entire process through the system.

Facial recognition visitors can:

1. Better management of visitors and provision of digital security;

2. Better improve the efficiency of venue services;

3. Better enhance the intelligent image of the usage site.

What are the benefits of a facial recognition visitor system? Based on the above introduction, I believe everyone has an understanding of the benefits of facial recognition visitor systems. And due to these advantages, facial recognition visitor systems quickly spread in the market as soon as they appeared.