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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using quantitative NMR for titre determination?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:40

In the past, routine assays for R&D testing often required multiple experiments and techniques. The comprehensive method of titre determination by means of quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance has successfully replaced conventional methods and has advantages in determining the purity of reference standard samples. These standards are often used for analytically reliable traceability of quantities (e.g. HPLC standards). Quantitative NMR is a simple and efficient solution for potency determination. Now also available in GxP environments!

Currently, the disadvantage of quantitative NMR technology is that the workflow depends on professional knowledge, skilled analysts and detailed operating procedures. New Bruker Mestrelab Potency/Purity Assessment Tools Simplify and Completely Automate the Workflow from Experiment Submission to Final Reportt. Since drug quality is critical to drug development, this solution is ideal for both experts and non-experts working in a drug development environment.

After the continuous verification of the quantitative NMR algorithm by Bruker and Mestrelab, the automatic data analysis function was born. This function can be called automatically from Mdrive or manually. In addition to automatic analysis, all data processing and subsequent analysis functions can be easily performed manually.

Based on the new GxP platform, Bruker\'s qNMR products can now provide full traceability from the first issue to the detection results and manage all aspects for users and their rights . Online experiment submission ensures that login and logout are not affected. The structure is built on the basis of the database, which takes care of the data integrity and controllability of the qNMR method. These methods are usually designed by the method developer, approved by the method validator, and then used by the scientists in the laboratory. Quantitative NMR now makes it possible to efficiently manage various analytical needs in a GxP environment by optimizing instrument usage time.