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Weighbridge Interpretation

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:136

If there is water, there will be a fault. The common fault is that the weighing indicator number keeps jumping. Most of this phenomenon is caused by the junction box inside. At this time, we only have to turn off the power and take out the junction box. Dry with a hair dryer or dry in the sun. So how do you prevent problems before they happen? How to prevent standing water has become a key issue,

Of course, most customers use foundation pits as substructure for scales. So how does the foundation prevent standing water?

Fear of flooding mainly refers to the junction box and the sensor is afraid of moisture. Therefore, the following points should be considered when installing the electronics:

1. During installation, the weighing platform must be higher than the level of the soil to ensure a regular flowwater;

2. If the company needs to develop the site, the electronic scale platform is parallel to the ground, and the scale body is buried underground. The manufacturer should design an adequate drainage system according to the actual situation to avoid long-term water accumulation under the scale body and the junction box sensor being flooded;

3. If the body of the scale It is designed to be installed underground, and the junction box is directed towards the counting room to keep it away from humidity and immersion. If the sensor has no accident, it can be used as usual;

4. If the scale body is designed to be installed underground, the manufacturer installs it It is necessary to design the long-term treatment settings for sludge and sundries under the balance body. An entrance and an exit allowing people to get on and off can be placedes to one side of the scale platform to prevent the drainage system from being blocked and the sensor from being flooded. Problems and economic losses caused by recertification and other work for the company.

If you find that the junction box is wet, turn off the power first to avoid shorting and burning components and load cells. Then wipe the circuit board inside the junction box with a cotton cloth and absolute alcohol, then dry it with a hair dryer. Don\'t get too close when blowing, because if it\'s too close, it will rise up and burn the circuit board. Under normal circumstances, if the junction box circuit has not been burned out before, it can be treated in this way.