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VeriVide CAC60 color matching light box

Author: Released in:2024-03-18 Click:10

VeriVide CAC60 color matching light box

VeriVide CAC60 color matching light box

The VeriVide CAC60 color evaluation box/standard light source color matching light box is an indispensable tool for color evaluation, color quality control, and color comparison. The stable light source of the lightbox can provide a good observation environment for color evaluation, help improve product quality, and gain unanimous recognition from domestic and foreign textile verification institutions and processing manufacturers.


1. Specially designed for color contrast and rating of materials

2. LED control panel, with functions such as service indication, automatic sequence, preheating, power-saving, and data storage

3.4 to 5 light sources to choose from

4.3 internal colors to choose from (Grey Munsell N5, N75574)

5. M&S formulates the use of lightboxes and ISO standards for color matching lightboxes

Technical parameters:

VeriVide CAC60 color matching light box

Optional configuration:

1. Height adjustable floor stand and casters suitable for all sizes

2. Drawers with selectable layers and depths

3. File cabinets of different sizes

Various accessories can be configured according to user needs.

Compliant with standards:

ASTM D1729; SAE J361; Tappi 7515; BS 950 Part A; AS 1580.6001.1