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Vehicle body strength and stiffness test methods

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:107

Body strength and stiffness test method

Body strength and stiffness test

The purpose of the body strength and stiffness test is to understand and check the car body under various operating and environmental conditions. conditions, if they all have the necessary strength, durability and rigidity to fully exert the required performance.

Body strength and stiffness testing can be divided into static testing and dynamic testing. From the point of view of the test load, they can be divided into elastic tests with loads below the yield strength and destructive tests with maximum strength.

Static test

Strength test

Performed on the body in white, it can be divided into bending test and test torsion.

Stiffness test

Stiffness test is divided into two methods: test on the white bodywork and on the finished car. During the test, attention should be paid to the support method and loading method of the body, as well as the influence of the rigidity of the body support device itself.

Static failure test

This is a method of compressing body-centered components or compressing the finished car up to fail to determine the maximum body strength. or component testing method.

Dynamic test

Bench vibration test

Bench vibration test is mainly used to know the vibration shape of the vehicle body. structure, in order to obtain the basic data necessary to study the strength, rigidity, durability and noise characteristics of the bodywork.

Bench fatigue test

A test to study the damage caused by fatigue.gue of the vehicle body under repeated variable loads. Generally, program loading is applied. The program load is the random load during driving, and according to the analysis results of the load usage frequency, the load waveform is processed by an appropriate method.

Situational durability test

This test can be divided into a real bad road driving test and a simulated bad road driving test on a test site. Its purpose is to confirm the strength of the car body, which plays an important role in improving the various performances of the car, especially the product.

Environmental durability test

Check the reduction in vehicle body strength caused by corrosive environments or atmospheric temperature changes. Corrosion in various body partswill considerably reduce the marketing of the car.