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Usage Features of Digital Fabric Burst Strength Machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:102

Digital fabric burst strength machineSpecific usage: used to detect the burst strength and height of woven, knitted, non-woven fabrics, paper or plates, using hydraulic blasting. Burst time is controlled via an intelligent control algorithm, with manual and automatic control methods. Equipped with PC control software, it is easy to operate and can perform data analysis and printing test results. It supports all standard requirements of test areas and meets the requirements of different standards.

Digital tissue burst resistance machineInstrument features

1. The digital fabric burst resistance machine is light and beautiful; Blue LCD screen (adjustable three-dimensional LCD control panel), complete Chinese menu prompts, high degree of aautomatization, each operation step has Chinese prompts to avoid misuse;

2. Sampling frequency reaches 1000 times/second, test data update; ARM32-bit process or control, 16-bit A/D converter, strong anti-interference performance, fast data transmission;

3. Stable operation, effectively satisfying various materials Single stretching, constant loading and timed stretching, constant lengthening and timed stretching, repeated stretching, etc.

4. It has a variety of protection methods, safe and reliable, overload and negative force value protection, bit limited protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, etc.

5. Modular design, easy to expand functions; equipped with LCD control panel, so that the powerful machine can operate independently of software and computerinator and print test results (bidirectional control);

6. Supports online communication, the expert analysis system provides detailed test and post-test reports as well as graphical analysis, and can store and recall measured data;

7. Tungsten steel clamp, sensor, bracket and frame are all connected using standard interfaces, making replacement easy.