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Universal pilling rating mirror

Author: Released in:2024-03-21 Click:15

Universal pilling rating mirror

Universal pilling rating mirror

Product concept:

The universal pilling and pilling rating mirror (PAV) is applicable to all pilling and pilling test rating standards. By comparing the sample with the standard image card under a designated light source, the rating results are obtained. It is an auxiliary rating tool for Martindale pilling test, ICI pilling test, ICI hooking test, flipping pilling test, circular trajectory pilling test, etc. Widely used in the textile and clothing industry, it meets most pilling and pilling testing standards.

Compliant with standards:

BS 5811; BS EN ISO 12945; ASTM D 3512; ASTM D 4970; ASTM D 5362; IWSTM 152; Next TM 19/26;


Specially selected electronic ballasts and white reflectors for optimized observation, providing highly consistent observation conditions.