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Two autonomous driving companies form a strategic alliance to provide advanced remote operation technology

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-02 Click:30

According to foreign media reports, Guident announced the establishment of a strategic alliance with Bestmile USA Inc. Guided is a developer that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to develop software solutions for autonomous vehicles and ground delivery drones, while Bestmile is a Swiss company and a cutting-edge mobile travel service platform that can plan, manage, and optimize fleets of autonomous and human driving vehicles.

Guiding said that this alliance with Bestmile will focus on the European and North American markets, focusing on cooperation in several fields, including providing Guiding's patented technology - advanced remote operation technology for autonomous vehicle and human driven vehicles, to improve customer security, while ensuring reliable, low latency connection to advanced mobile network solutions. This strategic alliance is an important milestone for two companies that are committed to solving the key needs of the autonomous vehicle ecosystem.

Founded in 2014, Bestmile took the lead in applying autonomous vehicle technology to mobile travel solutions in real life. Now, Bestmile's technology has been deployed on a wide range, providing support for cutting-edge mobile travel solutions, transporting thousands of passengers every day.

Guiding mainly provides patented AI solutions for autonomous vehicle and UAVs, including valet parking systems, administrator services, remote monitoring, and control and sharing of networked vehicle data to achieve active safety. In addition, Guiding's remote operating system has been designed to be integrated into smart cities to improve traffic safety and performance in smart city environments.