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TPP thermal protection performance tester

Author: Released in:2024-03-28 Click:23

TPP thermal protection performance tester

TPP thermal protection performance tester

Applicable scope:

The TPP thermal protection performance meter is mainly used to test the insulation performance of flame retardant protective clothing fabrics exposed to radiation and convective heat sources.

Compliant with standards:

GB 8965.1-2009 "Protective clothing - Flame retardant protection - Part 1: Flame retardant clothing"

GA 10-2002 Firefighters' Firefighting Protective Clothing

GA 634-2006 "Firefighters' Thermal Protective Clothing"

NFPA 1971 Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting

ISO 17492 "Technical Corrigendum 1-2004 Heat resistant and flame protective clothing - Determination of heat transfer exposed to flames and radiant heat"

Product details:

The thermal protection performance meter (TPP) consists of a conductive heat source and a radiation heat source, which are controlled by a computer, displayed on a screen, and the test results (including data and curves) are printed out.

The TPP thermal protection performance meter is an important technical indicator for evaluating the thermal protection function of fabrics (materials), and is the main performance testing method for heat-resistant clothing. It links the thermal protection of materials with human perception, and can objectively predict the actual effect of protective clothing in application. It has been listed as a universal testing standard method.

TPP Thermal Protective Performance refers to the thermal energy value that causes second degree burns to the human body through fabrics, measured in kilowatts per second per square meter (kW · s/m). The higher the value of thermal protection performance, the stronger the thermal protection performance of the fabric. Leave a certain gap between the test sample and the thermal sensor to test the fabric's ability to provide insulation between the heat source and human skin (insulation thermal protection). The fabric is in contact with a thermal sensor to test its insulation ability (contact thermal protection).

The basic components of TPP thermal protection performance instrument:

1. Sample fixture assembly

2. Convective heat source: Spitfire head

3. Radiation heat source: infrared quartz lamp

4. Water cooled sunshade

5. Sensor: Copper calorimeter, 4cm, 18g

6. Data collection system

7. Fuel control regulator

8. Gas rotary flowmeter: measurement range of 6L/min

9. Desktop computer, including heat flow data software (sensor heat flow response/human tissue tolerance curve)

10. Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controller