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Tool sharpness and durability tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:117

Product introduction

Based on the standard :

This machine complies with the international standard EN ISO 8442-1:1997 \"Articles and materials in contact with food (knives and tableware) Part X: technical requirements for food preparation knives \"En ISO 8442-5:2004 \"Food contact products (knives and tableware) Products and materials part five: test methods for sharpness and durability\", and refer to GB/T 15067 \"Stainless steel tableware\" and GB/T30769 - 2014 \" Stainless steel fruit knife\" determines the development.

Introduction of the instrument:

Knife sharpness and durability tester is used to test the sharpness and durability of household knives. all kinds of kitchen knives, fruit knives etc. Driven by variable frequency motor, the displacement servo motor is usedkt to rotate and move at high speed, to test the performance of the tool, which can meet different testing needs. This equipment complies with the standard GB/T30769-2014 \"Stainless Steel Fruit Knife\" issued by the state in 2014, meeting the requirements of various test parameters.

Technical parameters:

1. Measurement error: 0.02mm

2. Cutting range: 50 mm

3. Cutting stroke: 40 mm

4. Cutting speed: 50mm/s

5. Sample pressure: 200N±2.5N

6. Cutting pressure: 50N

7. Blade length: 10-20 CM

8. Sharpness indicator: the sum of the cutting depth in the first 3 weeks

9. Durability Display: The sum of the depth of cut in the first 30 weeks

Special statement: Flora Technology may vary depending on specific customer requirements, and the specific configuration and parameters are subject to change.

Product features:

Can test different lengths of knife blades;

Closelyneat distance measuring mechanism to ensure the accuracy of the test;

Full Chinese display; user-friendly operating interface;

Real-time display of tool cutting depth;

Group test, automatically data statistics and printing ;

A variety of security protection modes to ensure the safety of the knife and test;

Humanized and reasonable structural layout out to ensure the safety of testers