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Tire retention tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:96

Product introduction

The adhesive tape retention tester performs a static load test on the adhesive strength of the adhesive Automatically count the time the tape can hold under a certain load to confirm the aging of the tape. Applicable to pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, medical patches, adhesive labels, protective films, plasters, cataplasm and other stickiness testing products.

Working principle:

Hang the test plate with the sample vertically on the test frame, hang the weight of the specified weight on the lower end, and then test it for a certain period of time The displacement of sticking and detachment of the sample, or the time it takes for the sample to fully detach to characterize the tape\'s ability to resist pulling.

Meet the standard:

GB 4851 Tetest method for holding adhesive force of pressure sensitive tape

ASTM D3654 Standard test method for shear force of pressure sensitive tape adhesive tape

JIS Z0237 Test method for pressure sensitive adhesive tape and pressure sensitive adhesive sheet

Standard configuration

One adhesive tester, one standard roll, one manual, one warranty card

Product features

1. Heyt test board is designed in strict accordance with the standard And test weights to ensure the accuracy of the test data

2. The system is controlled by microcomputer, with PVC control panel, membrane buttons and liquid crystal LCD display, which is convenient for users to quickly perform test operations and view data

3. Six test stations can run multiple test items simultaneously

4. Automatic timing and interlocks other functions to further ensure the high accuracy of test results

Test Steps

1. Cut a strip of tape 2.5 cm wide and stick it to the specified SUS#304 stainless steel plate;

2. Use a standard 2kg roller to roll back and forth three times at a speed of approximately 300mm per minute so that the tape sticks evenly to the steel plate;

3. Hang the steel plate on the test machine On the hook, reset each timerzero and add the specified weight;

4. When the tape falls off the steel plate, the timer automatically holds the test time;

5. The test time was recorded to assess the durability of the tape\'s adhesion.

Note: It is necessary to confirm whether the timer is cleared when hanging the weight