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The United States has developed technology that is millions of times faster than current PCs

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:101

The current frequency of computer processors is only at the GHz level, and Intel's fastest Core has only surpassed the 5GHz frequency. However, American universities have developed a new technology that can make chips run at the PHz level, which is at least one million times the performance of current PC computers.

According to reports, the journal Nature recently published research results from the University of Rochester in the United States. The team's researchers have created the fastest logic gate device in history. By using laser pulses to penetrate graphene and gold, the new logic gate is one million times faster than existing computers, proving the feasibility of "light wave electronics".

The speed of a logic gate determines the speed of the chip. Traditionally, logic gates have a certain delay, usually in the nanosecond level. The new logic gate delay developed by this team is in the femtosecond level, which is also known as femtosecond, abbreviated as fs. One femtosecond is only one billionth of one second.

In other words, if this logic gate is used for chips, its performance is at the level of billions, which is more powerful than many supercomputers and one million times faster than current processors.

However, researchers have also stated that this technology may take a long time to be applied to computer chips, but it can demonstrate the feasibility of optical wave electronic technology in practical applications.