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The textile testing instrument industry is seeking space in the market gap

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:79

Shanghai Qianshi Textile Industry Information: At present, the textile industry has entered the annual off-season production, and the operating speed of enterprises has dropped significantly. Many textile test instrument manufacturers have reported feeling orders have declined since June, and it is the instrument manufacturers that have experienced this change the most.

1. Focus on overseas markets
While the costs and prices of factors of production such as water, electricity and labor continue to rise, the textile industry as a whole has been in a situation of slow development. During the interview, many textile equipment manufacturers\' responsibles reported that the main cause of the current poor sales of products is the low production capacity and insufficient demand of downstream enterprises, and the bottleneck of insufficient demand is still the upside of cotton pricesand import and export yarn prices.
Whether it is a textile enterprise or a spinning machine manufacturer, it is generally accepted that the current situation of the domestic textile industry is unlikely to change in the short term. To get out of the predicament, many powerful corporations have set their sights on overseas markets. At the same time, many foreign customers have also moved their orders to Vietnam, Thailand and other countries and regions with lower labor costs. At the beginning of the month, Standard Group announced that it will invest USD 2 million in the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary in the United States, which will focus primarily on market research, new product promotion and customer relationship maintenance.
Under the current situation, foreign trade enterprises in Shaoxing County have also actively changed the previous business model of \"waiting for rabbits\" and initiated thetaken to deliver samples to customers with high intentions through express delivery, striving for time and service. winning customers. At the same time, foreign trade companies have also participated in various textile exhibitions, which can help them understand market conditions, understand fashion trends, and secure foreign trade orders. The decline of textile companies is doomed that textile equipment cannot be alone. Many textile equipment companies have the same feelings and ideas as textile companies.

2. Innovation is still the main theme of development
The slower the market, the more it becomes time for companies to compete for technical skills. The person in charge of the standard group told reporters that under the current circumstances, apart from innovation, companies have no better way out of the predicament. Liu Feng, director of Qing\'s marketing departmentdao Textile Machinery Card Clothing Co., Ltd. also expressed a similar view: \"In the difficult market economy, enterprises should make more efforts to cultivate independent innovation capabilities and develop products in a targeted manner. , and reduce homogeneity. Product competition, by fully improving the technical level of products and improving the occupy the market with core technologies.and the transformation of textile enterprises will be further deepened to meet the needs of the textile industry.Upgrading and transforming enterprise products, adapting to the needs of intensification and automation, and textile equipment products that improve the production efficiency of enterprises can improve effectively will still have good market prospects.Standard Group is a comprehensive supplier of textile testing instruments and equipment.It adheres to professionalism,sincerity and enthusiasmsiasm. , The service concept fully meets the needs of customers and is highly recognized by customers.
In order to reverse the general decline in textile enterprises\' profitability and order decline, Shanghai Qianshi Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.Technology Co., Ltd. improves production efficiency by improving R&D management innovation methods such as new product development and technology improvement; in response to online product quality issues, it increases technology improvement; The power of technical cooperation between institutes and institutions will enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, and achieve breakthroughs in key technologies of key projects. The company\'s general manager said that the company is currently focusing on product research and development on cotton fiber testers, foreign fiber removal machines,self-closing electric cleaners and air-rotating electric cleaners. Focusing on problems such as broad market demand, numerous manufacturing enterprises, fierce competition in the industry, easy product imitation and uneven grades in the lever frame industry, Standard Group has also strengthened its independent innovation work, integrating high speed, wide width, high strength, low noise and new structure The lever frame is positioned as the company\'s new product development target.

3. Differentiation to achieve growth against the market
Many executives in the textile machinery industry believe that the textile machinery equipment industry is currently facing a situation of major adjustments, major reorganizations and major eliminations. , the polarization of the industry will become more apparent. If companies want to win in the competition, they have to work harder on product differentiation.