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The safety of pet nose print ID cards lies in scientific technology

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:42

For everyone, an ID card is not only a proof of identity, but also an important tool to protect their rights and interests. To some extent, an ID card has become one of the necessities of our travel. However, have you ever imagined that besides having an ID card for people, dogs can also have their own "ID card"?

Recently, Hangzhou has taken the lead in launching a pet nose print ID card, which is very portable. Pet owners only need to take photos with dog nose prints on their mobile phones and upload them to complete the application online. And behind this lies a series of complex technologies.

Firstly, we need to answer a question: "Why can having a nose print lock a pet's identity?" In fact, a pet's nose print and a human fingerprint have certain similarities, both of which are sexual and non deformable. Therefore, as long as a dog's nose print can be identified, the corresponding database can be used to filter out the equipped dog. To complete the recognition of nasal patterns, it is necessary to incorporate pet nasal pattern recognition technology.

Of course, from input to recognition, and then to filtering and matching, the technology is not singular in this process. In fact, in order to recognize pet nose lines, it is necessary to be able to record the pet's nose line information in detail, and behind this is the advancement of sensor technology.

As mentioned earlier, in order to apply for a nasal tattoo ID card, one only needs to use a mobile phone to take pictures of a pet's nasal tattoo. This is because nowadays, mobile phones have very powerful photo taking functions. After being equipped with optical sensors, the size is much smaller than that of professional digital cameras. However, multi lens algorithms and high pixel density can be used to clearly record the dog's nasal tattoo information through a "photo+calculation" method.

In addition to sensors, another technology that plays an important role in recognition is artificial intelligence. In fact, the essence of nasal tattoo identification is actually to establish many representative positional information on the nasal tattoos, and to judge by comparing the similarity of the nasal tattoos in these positional information between the sample and the database. With current technology, this process is mostly completed confidently by artificial intelligence.

Of course, in addition to these, considering the future application of pet nose print ID cards, it may also involve other technologies such as the Internet of Things, which can be said to be a new attempt to apply technology to cute pets.

However, from a practical perspective, there are still some issues behind this technology, such as how to encourage the public to actively apply for nose print ID cards for pets, and how to achieve the popularization of this technology for some people who are not accustomed to using smartphones... However, given the current popularity of the public, over time, this technology should become more mature, bringing more convenience and help to pet owners.