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The Right Store and Condition For Textile Materials

Author:QINSUN Released in:2019-12 Click:882

Textile materials are prone to dangers such as moisture, heat, mildew, fungus, insects and rodents. Therefore storing the textile materials in the right store and condition is important.

It is necessary to know the general principals of care and storage of materials because they differ greatly in their resistance to various dangers such as moisture, heat, mildew, fungus, insects, and rodents.

There are certain insects; however, that will eat almost anything. Mice build nests in almost any kind of stored fabric material and there are hundreds of fungus grows that thrive under most tropical atmospheric conditions.

Conditions in various parts of the world vary widely in regard to humidity, heat or cold and the presence of insects. Such conditions much are taken into account when you are storing and protecting materials.

The following ideal storage conditions should be attained as nearly as possible:
A dry room with a temperature of 20o Celsius;
An absence of direct sunlight;
A storage room construction that affords protection against insects and mice;
Air conditioning or some other method of humidity control (humidity 30% to 50%);