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The Pearl on the AI Crown: Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing Technology

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:34

In recent years, more and more governments and corporate organizations have gradually recognized the importance of artificial intelligence in the economy and strategy, and have ventured into artificial intelligence from national strategies and commercial activities, using it to promote their own intelligence and industrialization processes.

Before the emergence of artificial intelligence, machines were able to automatically process small amounts of structured data. With the popularization of the internet, humanity has entered an era of information explosion, where machines need to process more and more diverse types of data. The large amount of text, images, and videos that exist on the internet often belong to unstructured data. Among them, the number of texts is also very large, and most of them belong to the natural language mentioned earlier.

Although it contains a large amount of information, due to the inability of computers to understand, NLP technology is needed to analyze and utilize this textual information. NLP, also known as natural language processing, is equivalent to the translation between machine language and human language. By building communication bridges, it can efficiently achieve the goal of human-machine communication.

The goal of natural language understanding is to understand human expressions, including phonetic and textual expressions, with a focus on achieving comprehension goals, including grammar analysis and text reading; NLG focuses on how to generate natural language expressions, including translation systems, information simplification, question and answer dialogues, etc. The two complement each other, and in most cases, they will appear simultaneously to construct a certain system.

In intelligent question answering systems, with the help of artificial intelligence natural language processing technology, staff can accurately analyze the knowledge that users need, and provide personalized information services to users through interaction. For example, when browsing certain knowledge Q&A websites, we may encounter related Q&A push notifications, hot topics, and ranking of key questions.

Enterprises are also unequivocal in their layout of artificial intelligence natural language processing technology. As early as August 2019, Facebook announced the establishment of the AI Language Research Consortium, a community of partners who stated that they would "work together to advance NLP.". It is reported that the newly established group will promote collaboration and solve challenging problems such as content understanding, representation learning dialogue systems, information extraction analysis, sentiment analysis, summarization, data collection and cleaning, and speech translation.

At the Baidu Brain Language and Knowledge Technology Summit held on August 25th this year, Wu Tian, Vice President of Baidu Group, and Wu Hua, Chairman of Baidu Technical Committee, respectively released plans to jointly build Baidu Language and Knowledge Technology series products and datasets, launching new releases of five products to accelerate the large-scale application of AI technology.

Overall, natural language processing is an important direction in the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence, which studies various theories and methods for effective communication between humans and computers using natural language. Natural language processing is a science that integrates linguistics, computer science, and mathematics. Through natural language processing and topic modeling, technological optimization, competition analysis, and weak signal detection processes can be improved, accelerating the analysis of massive text data, all of which are key to innovation driven processes.

Over the years, natural language processing technology has made significant progress, gradually moving from the laboratory to the market. According to analysts, in the coming years, speech recognition, semantic recognition, and speech synthesis technologies will enter multiple fields such as industry, communication, home appliances, healthcare, automotive electronics, and home services.

The artificial intelligence technology of 2020 is creating a digital landscape that transcends physical boundaries and integrates multiple industries. Next, how to enable smooth and efficient communication between humans and intelligence (mostly robots) is where the value of natural language processing technology lies. How to transform images, speech, and videos into what artificial intelligence knows, and how to use software systems to transform cold machines into artificial intelligence with temperature, will also be one of the focuses of research conducted by researchers in various countries.