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The Most Valuable Guide to Choosing a Jigger Dyeing Machine – 2

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:121

We have already discussed the technical characteristics, classification and development of domestic jigger dyeing machines. Here are eight foreign jigger dyeing machines and how to choose the right one for you.


1 Foreign Jigger Dyeing Machine1.1 1. OTTO-PRICKEN from Germany1.2 2. Thies from Germany1.3 3. MEZZERA in Italy1.4 4. MCS from Italy1.5 5. HENRIKSEN from Netherlands1.6 6. MEMNUM in Turkey1,7 7. SUNGMOO in South Korea1,8 8. BHATT BROS from India2 Summary of Jigger Parameters and Prices from Different Manufacturers3 Best Solution for Dyeing Jiggers Machine

Foreign Jigger Dyeing Machine1. OTTO-PRICKEN from GermanyOTTO-PRICKEN normal temperature jigger dyeing machine

</ noscript><figcaption>Normal temperature jigger dyeing machine by OTTO PRICKEN</figcaption></figure></div><p>The machine has an uncomplicated functional layout of the dye tank. A specially developed spreading device minimizes the number of lanes, which reduces time and water consumption. In addition, the jigger\'s simple and unique tank design provides a very flexible production capacity, so it can meet the needs of both small and large orders on the same machine.</p><p>The main determining parameters for dyeing are temperature, Voltage, speed, time, water level, dosage and liquor ratio (1:2). Ok In order to ensure the reproducibility of the dyeing results, the OTTO-PRICKEN jigger can adjust and monitor these elements in real time.</p><p><strong>Device performance</strong></p>Drive an inverter motor. Swing time and track number control.Output speed and voltage control.Precise execution system.Remote controlg and service.Accurate measurement of fabric length.Monitoring and recording of water, electricity, steam and dye consumption.Excellent reproducibility.The fabric is free from creases and scratchesThere is no edge color variation as well as no head or tail color variation. <p><strong>Technical parameters</strong></p><figure class=\"wp-block-table is-style-stripes\">Roll width 1600/4000 mm Roll diameter 700/1100/1400 mm Fabric speed 0–180 m/minute 0-150 kg</figure>OTTO-PRICKEN HTHP jigger dyeing machine<p>OTTO-PRICKEN\'s high-temperature and high-pressure jigger dyeing machine is suitable for dyeing polyester and polyamide fibers and fabrics made from them fibers are made together. The tension and speed of the fabric are constant. The surface of the fabric will not be wrinkled or scratched during the dyeing process. Edge-to-edge and head-to-tail chromatic aberrations are non-existent. The engine control opennet and closes the cylinder head. The hydraulic stations and sensors that make up the safety interlock system allow automatic operation.</p><p><strong>Unit configuration</strong></p>Security lock on cylinder head.Circulation pump.On/Off device.Dosing device .One 250 liter barrel.Automatic grading gadget.Filter system.Washing system with overflow.Emergency stop control.Remote assistance.Alarm mechanism.<p><strong>Technical parameters</strong></p><figure class=\" wp-block-table is-style -stripes\">Roller width1600/4000mmRoller diameter700/1100/1400mmMaximum temperature143℃Maximum pressure3.5bar</figure>2. Thies from GermanyThies normal temperature jigger dyeing machine<div class=\"wp-block-columns\"><div class=\"wp-block-column is-vertically-aligned-center\"><p>Thies jigger dyeing machine is the good option for dyeing all synthetic and blended fabrics and can be used for processing open fabrics that tend to crease. NT type can be used at 98 °CJiggers dye fabrics without pressure, and at 140℃, the HT type jiggers can dye high pressure process. Both versions allow for even dyeing at low liquor ratios and continuous fabric tension and speed control, as well as a cost-effective dye tank design.</p></div><div class=\"wp-block-column\"><figure class=\"wp-block-image sizee-full\"><noscript>
This NT jigger dyeing machine and dimensions

Both the NT type and the HT type jigger dyeing machines are entirely made of stainless steel. The fabric is loaded and unloaded via a user controlled A-frame drive with the set winding tension. With the help of the weft device, the fabric can be wound up sideways during loading. Highly efficient variable frequency motors drive both main rollers directly.

Technical parameters

Haupt cylinder diameter (mm). )Cylinder diameter(mm)Roller diameter(mm)Maximum fabric width(mm)Speed(m/min)Tension(N)10001800400250 10-150 50-80020001600-540010001800 10-150 50-80023001600-540012302850 10 -150 50- 80028001600-540014504100 10 -150 50-800

This HTHP jigger dyeing machine

This HT -Jigger dyeing machine and dimension

3. MEZZERA in Italy

MEZZERA jigger dyeing machine

With more than 60 years in business, MEZZERA has sold thousands of devices around the world. They offer consumers jigger dyeing machines in, among otherssmall, medium and large sizes to other sizes. MEZZERA manufactures the latest machines based on more than 40 years of manufacturing expertise and the latest production technology.

Device features

Drive system:

The jigger is equipped with two independent motors driven by independent variable speed AC vector hanging inverters.Speed ​​control:The circuit uses a high-resolution encoder, to precisely control speed in response to changes in fabric diameter.Tension Control: Use the PLC to determine the required tension based on fabric specifications. The load cell, which is located on the backing roller below the dyeing tank, measures the tension of the fabric in real time and feeds back the signal to the PLC. Should there be a difference betweenhen give the set value and the measured value, the synchronous AC motor can immediately set this to zero via the frequency converter. The process is completely automatic and the technology offers a fast and precise way. Take into account cycle voltage variations.

Technical parameters

Roller diameter 500mm、800mm, 1050mm, 1300mmMaximum temperature143℃Fabric width1800-3600mmWorking speed30-150m/min

4. MCS from Italy

Currently, the MCS jigger dyeing machine has five high temperature jiggers, three of which have a maximum temperature range of 143°C and two of which have a maximum temperature range of 110°C. There are also 4 jiggers with regular temperatures, with a maximum temperature of 98°C.

MCS jigger

Comby high temperature gauge (143 ) technical parameters

Roll width2000mmFabric width1800mmMaximum roll diameter1100 mmMain cylinder diameter325 mmFabric tension5-100kgMaximum temperature143°CMaximum pressure3 barCloth speed0-150m/min

Different types of reel diameters

Types of reel diametersC4 COMBY Jigger (143℃)2*750mmCOMBY Jigger (143℃) 1100mmCompact Jigger

5. Henriksen from NetherlandsHENRIKSEN HTHP Jigger Dyeing Machine

HT jigger dyeing machine is mainly used for dyeing cotton, polyester, polyamide and garments made from a combination of these fibersused. A special drive mechanism built into each jigger perfectly maintains fabric tension and monitors shrinkage and stretching. These properties ensure that the fabric does not wrinkle when moved.


An innovative control system ensures timely and conscientious processing of stent results by controlling temperature, chemical dosage, bath ratio and process time.

Device configuration

Equipped with water level gauge, AC motors and electronic drives. Unique drive algorithm. Master cylinder capacity: 316LCeramic Low-friction bearingsExternal heat exchanger for cooling and heatingWith feed tank and feed pump

Technical parameters

ModelRolLine width (mm)Roller diameter(mm)Maximum temperatureMaximum pressureHT700-2200
3400700143°C3bar 200
34001200143°C3barHT1400-2 200< br > HT1400-2800

HENRIKSEN normal temperature jigger dyeing machine


The main purpose of the NT Jigger dyeing machine is to pretreat, dye and wash a variety of Fibres, including polyamides.

Technical parameters

ModelRoll width (mm)Roll diameter (mm) AT700-1800 AT700-36001800 3600700AT1100-1800 AT1100-36001800 36001100AT1400-1800
AT1400-36001800 3 60 01400

6.MEMNUM in TurkeyMEMNUM HTHP Jigger Dyeing machine


Technical parameters

ModelTemperatureFabric SpeedRoll Width(mm)Roll Diameter(mm)HTJ-2000143℃ 10 - 150m/min20001000HTJ-2400143℃ 10-150m/min24001000HTJ-2800143℃ 10-150m/min28001000 HTJ-3400143℃ 10-150m/min34001000

The MEMNUM High Temperature By its nature, a high pressure jigger can dye cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon and blended materials. The MEMNUM measuring cup uses less water and has a continuous spe All pre-finishing processes, including bleaching, washing and desizing can be carried out in addition to dyeing.

Equipment performance

Servo control: Servo motors regulate the tension and the constant speed. The servo motor can change both the color difference on the two sides of the fabric and the waveEliminate warping of the fabric.Edge control system for fabrics:The movable drum (which moves left and right) prevents the fabric edges from rippling during loading.PLC control: The working speed and cycle time are fast when using PLC control. Staining programs can be stored large numbers.

Main functions

Data collection is easy and fast thanks to an intuitive control panel and process tracking with graphic display. Automatic and manual control modalities.PLC-controlled feeding device.Liquid homogeneity by means of circulation pump.Prop gradual ramp-up to high temperatureDirect heating system.Acceleration and deceleration of the servomotors are smooth.Cleanable filter system.With a feeding tank (with mixer).MEMNUM Jiger dyeing machine with normal temperature

MEMNUM NT Jigger dyeing machine

Technical parameters

ModelReel width (mm)Reel diameter (mm)ATJ-7002000/2400/2800/3400700ATJ-11002000/2400/2800/ 34001100ATJ-14002000/2400/2800 /34001400

7. SUNGMOO in South KoreaSUNGMOO HTHP Jigger Dyeing Machine

This machine can dye a variety of materials including cotton, acrylic, nylon, polyester, cotton and polyester Successfully prevent stains and spills, reduce heat loss and saves energy. Especially suitable for dyeing wide fabrics.



Constant speed: The software runs at a constant speed while the cloth is being processed, which helps to prevent uneven fabric dyeing and ensure product quality.Fully automatic operation, standard programmable drying techniques and lower labor costs than competing manufacturers.The control panel is easy to use and the operator can quickly understand all processing conditions thanks to the additional monitor understand.The machine performs the whole process automatically according to the program.

Constant tension: During the dyeing process, the system regulates the tension and keeps it constant.It also allows an almost tension-free drying of sensitive hair or light-colored materials.Gear:Without the use of additional brakes, the dynamic torquecontrol system and the vector drive system regulate the speed precisely.Automatic locking mechanism: When the temperature of the machine rises above the set temperature, the device locks the door.

Technical parameters

ModelRoll WidthRoll Diameter(mm)Fabric Speed(m/min)Max Temperature(℃)Max Pressure(Kg/cm)B80-60080〞(2000mm) 600 20~130135 4B80-90080〞(2000mm) 900 20~130135 4B80-110080〞(2000mm) 1100 20~130135 4B100-900100〞2500mm) 900 20~ 130135 4B100-1100100〞(2500mm) 1100 20~130135 4B11 0- 900110〞(2800mm) 900 20~130135 4B120- 900120〞(3000mm)900 20~130135 4B130-900130〞(3300mm)900 20~130135 4SUNGMOO Normal Temperature Jigger Dyeing Machine

While jigging -Procedure features the SUNGMOO jigger dyemachine has an automatic system that correctly distributes the edges of the fabric. One worker can operate many machines, minimizing labor costs and improving fabric quality and selvage.