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The increasingly mature intelligent technology drives the development of unmanned vending machine performance

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:99

Recently, a residential area in Anhui province has put into use an unmanned intelligent fresh food cabinet, achieving 24-hour unmanned sales. Citizens can scan the code on their mobile phones to open the cabinet and select more than 70 types of fruits and vegetables. Vending machines are not uncommon in the market, but most vending machines are limited to some beverages, biscuits, and other food products. In the past two years, intelligent technology has gradually matured, and there are more types of unmanned vending machines, and the market size has further expanded.

As one of the incisions in new retail, unmanned vending machines are expanding diverse consumer scenarios for the public in a more humane and intelligent way, and also bringing new retail solutions to many food enterprises. Compared to traditional retail stores, the advantages of unmanned vending machines are more prominent. Firstly, unmanned vending machines have a very small footprint and high flexibility. They only need 0.9-3 square meters to penetrate into the consumer scenarios around users.

Secondly, the cost of unmanned vending machines is relatively low. It subtracts the rental cost of the store, the labor cost of in store service personnel, and the input cost of in store inventory. In addition, the unmanned vending machine can maintain 24-hour operation, and compared to the store, it has a longer operating time and can maintain uninterrupted profitability. Against these odds, unmanned vending machines are becoming increasingly popular in the market.

According to a market report conducted by a research agency in the United States, the smart vending machine market is expected to reach a scale of 29 billion US dollars (approximately 200 billion yuan) by 2024. In the past two years, the unmanned retail industry has ushered in a peak period of development, and the enthusiasm of various capital parties has been high. In the future, with the rapid development of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, the feasibility of applying intelligent technology to unmanned vending machines will also increase.

In the past two years, various technologies of intelligent vending machines have emerged in the market, such as RFID radio frequency identification communication technology, static sensor technology, gravity sensor technology, dynamic video recognition technology, etc. Mature technology and intelligent backend have laid a solid foundation for the development of intelligent vending machines.

With the support of intelligent technology, today's intelligent unmanned vending machines can not only achieve fully automatic sales, support intelligent temperature, automatic heating and cooling, but also wirelessly manage the background and understand consumer needs and preferences through big data analysis, thereby guiding and adjusting procurement, distribution, sales and other links. It is not difficult to see that intelligent unmanned vending machines are breaking the traditional retail supply chain, upgrading and rebuilding the food retail supply chain, thereby promoting the transformation of the retail industry.

The future public space services will further develop towards intelligence and refinement. Traditional unmanned vending machines are technically unable to meet the needs of consumers for convenience, humanization, and personalization, and are destined to be eliminated by the market. The intelligent unmanned vending machine can bring consumers a more convenient and humane consumption experience, and its intelligent data analysis can greatly improve the operational efficiency of unmanned vending machines, bringing higher profitability.

At present, unmanned vending machines in China are mainly concentrated in coastal areas, forming a consumption pattern in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, and Bohai Rim regions. In the past two years, the number of unmanned vending machines in inland areas has gradually increased, and there is still huge market development space in China. Nowadays, the technology of unmanned vending machines is also constantly innovating. In the coming years, the explosion of the market will also drive the growth of upstream and downstream industrial chains and changes in supply and demand.