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The History of Textile Printing

Author:QINSUN Released in:2018-06 Click:1259

It is not sure when the textile printing was started but it is assumed that East Indian area of China is the home of Textile Printing. Because the history and research proved that India and China firstly initiated the block printing by engraving the wood.

Textile Printing

Almost 500 years ago of Zishu-Christ they achieved the method how to implement various pictures of letters on to the textile fabric. At that time peoples printed only he pictures of natural mages and animal on the textile cloth. The ancient Persian civilization was also familiar with the textile cloth printing. They made finer linen fabric. The garments of mummy were decorated by various printing block like circle, square, triangle etc.

The History of Textile Printing

Later on, Portuguese business personnel spread the uses of printed fabric into the Europe. At that time the clothes were very popular in Europe and Asia. These clothes or garments are- Maslin(Dhaka), Zamdani, Benaroshi,Broket, Bulbul Khosom Khasia, Fulkuri, Bug, Kanta, Du-shala, Chandra-Tara, Dupchaya, Sorgola, Kahaba, Kashia, Mokhmal, Baluchar, Butider, Potula, Bandhoni, Chunri, chairala, Pottal Silk etc. This is the history of Textiel Printing.

The History of Textile Printing